Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Up off of the floor

Now that I have picked myself up from being sick, again. I have so much to post about, but very little energy. And, to top it off, I had an allergic reation yesterday. Of all things to be allergic to, food wise, I am allergic to roasted or grilled tomatoes. I can eat them raw, in sauces, in soup, sundried, what have you, but roast or grill one, and I am a walking, itching welt. All I can say is, praise Benedryl. And where did I come into contact with said tomato, you might ask, well let me tell you. A sales rep from a local trucking line brought in pizza, one of which was a veggie pizza with tomatoes. I picked them off, but the juice must have gotten me. Needless to say, I was in Wally World at 6:30, in my pajama pants and a hoodie, looking for my salvation.

On other fronts, I have received my Harvest Sock Swap package from Sheryl. I took pics, I just haven't been able to post them yet. And such lovely goodies, too. I'll post them as soon as I can. I will be a little late mailing my package to my pal, as I am still working on a few hand made gifts.

On the Christmas knittng front, I have 2 items done, and 5 more to go. I'm getting there.

Ok, I feel a nap coming on. I'll post more when I have a little more energy.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just another day

Ok, so I went over my list of Christmas knitting (I know, so close to it and I'm just thinking about it) to see what I needed to order this weekend. I am amazed at how light it is this year. And I've even added a person to the list. But this year it will be 3 pairs of fingerless gloves, 1 pair of sock and 3 scarves. All things that I can crank out easily. And, I have Katie helping me with the Charity Knitting, which was 3 scarves. I am a quarter of the way through the scarf I started on Thrusday, Katie is working on one, and that will leave the last one for me, but it's an easy pattern.

On the sewing front, Angie (my SIL in Dayton) and I are planning a big, themed costume ball for next Halloween. We picked an historical era, the late 18th century. We have started picking fabrics, and discussing construction of under garments. We've decided that we are going all out, and as historically accurate as we can get. Well, as accurate as we can get with sewing machines and sergers. lol. So far, I have settled on a deep burgundy crushed velvet for the bodice and over skirt. I need to find a fabric that will go well with it for the petticoat and other contrasting areas. I'm thinking cream. Cream satin and lace, and maybe pearl embellishments. I even ordered a book that I have been wanting for a long time. It's this one. If you like to make costumes, let me recommend this book. It's hard to get a copy, as it's so popular, but it's well worth it. It may not be historically accurate in cut and construction, but the finished garment is fab! I have made a costume from this book, about 6 years ago, and it came out great. This is going to be so fun. I'm even going to teach Katie, so she can make her own gown. I'll update as I can on that one.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Halloween Aftermath

Ok, time to share the pics from last night.

We had a few last minute changes in costume. Annie had decided that she wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer, so all that required was a small back pack and my collectible Poke ball. Katie was going to go as a homicidal maniac, which didn't need anything. That was, until we picked up Taylor. Taylor was dressed as a goth. So, Katie had to dress the same. Then they decided to wear fairy wings. At that point Annie had to be a fairy. Here are the end results:

Annie, trying to put on her dress shoes.

Katie, blue wings in all.

Mr. Vinny, trying to eat the chop sticks that Katie had to carry.

Katie and Taylor at the neighbor's house.

And, of course, you have to have pumpkins for Halloween. Here is what we carved:

My first pumpkin, with cute face.

My second pumpkin, made with the pumpkin cut out kit.

Katie's pumpkin, an outline of Emily Strange's cate

Annie's pumpkin, another cute face. (Don't worry, I carved it for her.)

And, Mr. S's scary pumpkin. It almost looks like Oogie from Nightmare Before Christmas.

And, finally, my Embossed Leaves socks, finished just in time for the SAM4 KAL deadline.

The Specs:

Pattern: Embossed Leaves from Interweave Knits Winter '05
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Color: # 169
Needles: US 1
Started: Oct. 21, 2007
Finished: Oct. 31, 2007
Mods: I did 5 full reps in the leg, and 2 1/2 reps for the instep. And I mistakenly did a shallow heel gusset. That's what I get for turning a heel while I'm tired.

I want to make another pair of these, but in a solid, and to pattern.

And, on to a new month, already.