Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Warmer days ahead

Finally, it has warmed up! We didn't freeze our behinds off at the game last night. But, the girls lost, again. The score was 20 to 7. And I got my camera back from Mr. S, so I have pics. I'll start off with the pics I took at Thursdays game.

First up, we have Katie just before the game started:

Katie warming up for next at bat:

The team sitting on the bench (note that all the parents are sitting under blankets):

Katie and her BFF, Taylor:

And I have to have a pic of Annie. This one was from Sunday, and she is wearing the dress that her Aunt PJ made her:

Katie on first base at last nights game:

Katie, making a catch at first base that resulted in an out for the other team.

Katie covering first base:

And this is just because I found it in the folder. It's "evil Vinny". Notice the red gift bow on his head. (and don't worry, he's really not evil, he was yawning, hee hee)

Well, I took some knitting with me to the game last night. And I think that was a good thing, with all the bad calls and such. I took my Candle Flame Shawl with me, but haven't taken any pics. I just reached the half way point. I figured that I have to finish it some time, and if I actually work on it, it'll get done. I just finished the 9th repeat of the 18 that I have to do for the correct length. So, the way I figure it, if I do at least a repeat a day (mind you, each repeat is 36 rows), I should get it finished within the next week and a half. But, this weekend is a 3 day weekend, and I should have plenty of time to knit, since I can't go on the hiking trip I wanted to do. Especially after the gas prices here went from $3.15 yesterday to $3.49 today, and that's the cheap grade. I don't know about anyone else, but I am tired of all the oil and gas companies getting rich off of my meager pay check. Sorry. Started ranting there. But, I'll take a pic of my Candle Flame Shawl tonight and post it tomorrow.

Oh, speaking of tomorrow. (The sun'll come out, tomorrow. Betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun! - Sorry, that just popped out) Annie graduates from kindergarten tomorrow. So, I have taken the day off to help mom get a few things done and attend the graduation. Also, it's more knitting time.

Don't forget, sign ups for the Summer Sock Party are open and everyone is welcome. Just drop me an e-mail or leave a comment.

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lexa said...

My littlest has one more year of preschool before going to big school. Don't know what I'll do when I have almost six hours a day to myself!

Gas prices here for regular is $1.227/L (4L to a gallon? = $4.91). And our new truck is a gas guzzler. I don't understand why diesel costs so much since it isn't refined as much as gasoline. But here diesel is almost as much as regular per L! That hurts us and anyone else who owns their own truck cuz the fuel costs so much but they aren't getting paid any extra for the loads they haul. But when he goes out west his fuel is like 25 cents+ cheaper per L. Go figure!

Looking forward to seeing your shawl. :)