Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lessons I have learned

Otherwise know as, things not to do. As I said in the last post, I have picked back up my CPH while waiting for the last hank of red for my WPS. Having left the project to languish for 2 years, and seperating the project from the instructions that have my hand written notes on them have taught me a very big lesson. And that lesson would be, DON'T LEAVE A PROJECT TO LAY FOR 2 FLIPPIN' YEARS!!!! But, I have to laugh at myself. It is sorta, kinda funny. Thank the Heavens that my alterations to the pattern were small and easy to figure out. And, if I keep working at this rate, I just may have it finished by the time my red yarns arrives. Maybe if I do get it finished, and have time, I may just finish the sleeves for my Rogue, another project that has languished for 2 years, or more. Although, I do have 1 baby blanket that I need to knit, and 2 afghans to work on for Christmas. Who know what mood will strick, if and when I finish my CPH.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy, busy month! (Warning: Picture Heavy Post)

I have been such a bad blogger. But, I have really been down this year. Maybe with moving, trying to settle in and Grandma dying has put me in this funk. For the longest time, I was unable to knit, and now it seems like I can't stop knitting. But, let me get to the pics I have today, then I'll tell about my mis-adventures in knitting.

I did get the costumes done for Great Lake Medieval Faire, and just in time to leave. I was literally driving gromits an hour before we were ready to leave on Friday. We had a lovely time, aside from the heat. Once got settled into the hotel, we found a resturant that we haven't tried before. Great little itlian place that was in an old bank. They served a great chicken Marsala, and had excellent margaritas, I had two. When we got back to the hotel, the kids wanted to go swimming in the indoor pool. So, I sat poolside with Cassi and watched Katie do cannon balls in the deep end (which was 5 ft deep). She had one really good one, the back splash hit the ceiling of the pool room. On Saturday, we all got started bright and early, got breakfast at the hotel, got dressed is costume and headed off to the fair. Let me just say now that it was hot. And I do mean hot. We got there at about 10:30 am, and didn't leave until around 6 pm. We had fun, but everyone scattered to the four winds once we got in there. We all did meet up several times, and we did get some pics. I don't have all of them here, but here's a few:

Here's the boys: (from left to right) Pat (Shawn's dad), Chris and Shawn (Mr. S).

Here is Annie and Cassi. This one was taken the 2nd day we were there.

Barrett the bagpiper. My favorite. The man walks around barefoot. I have never seen him in a pair of shoes, at any point, over the last 10 years.

Here is Shawn and Annie, on the first day.
After sweltering on Saturday, Katie and I decided not to dress on Sunday, even though everyone else did. But, we had a blast. It did rain on Sunday. We were trapped on the covered bridge to the mud show with about 20 other people. While we were trapped, Barrett played, a wandering minstrel couple played for us, and the mud show performers did a show on the bridge for us, and used Katie (much to her dislike) as part of the show. The only bad thing that happened was that I lost my favorite sunglasses off the side of the bridge, and didn't want to get down into the mud to retrieve them. I do have more pics. I'll upload them later when I'm on my laptop, which is where the pics are.

This past weekend, Katie had her year end softball party. It was held out at Buckeye Lake at one of the girls grandparents vacation house. And let me just say, I haven't been out there since I was a kid, and boy, have the summer houses changed. I'm talking around 300k and better for these places. Oh, how a long for a summer house. (Sorry. Eddie Izzard fans will understand that one.) Anywho. The girls had a blast. There weren't too many kids there, which was good. They swam in the lake, rode the pontoon boat and jet ski, and even went tubing. I forgot my camera, but others didn't, here are the pics that I swiped from them:
Here is Katie and I. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, I'm thinking more like 20. The girls talked me into the sun hat, I don't normally wear hats. But it was a cute hat, and for $5. We each got a different hat.

Here's Katie in her hat.

Another pic of Katie in her hat.

Here's Katie, swimming in the lake. All the kids had a blast. They were jumping in right off the bank. And since the currents can be strong, they all wore life jackets.

Here's Annie swimming. Not only did she wear a life jacket, but because she couldn't touch the bottom, she insisted on have an inflatable tube.

Here's Annie in her hat, blowing bubbles.

Here's Annie trying to get out of her life jacket.
I got creative and started a Wool Peddler's Shawl. I bought 4 hanks of Cascade 220, in a lovely red. I worked on it, mainly, after I finished the costumes. I even took it with me to the softball party. Yesterday, I brought it with me to work, I thought I'd work on it at lunch. When I pulled it out of my bag and saw how small my ball of yarn was (the 3rd ball), I pulled the last hank out to wind it up, and realized that it was the wrong colorway. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry. And it was clearly the wrong colorway, not the wrong dye lot, the wrong colorway. I called the store where I got it, because they'll let me exchange it for the right one, just to find out that they are out of my colorway and have to order one for me. Now, I have to resort to working on something else until it comes in. I had thought about starting a baby blanket for Miss PJ, but then I thought about the projects that hanging around the house unfinished. If you are wondering which ones they are, they're on the side bar, to the right, if you want to take a peek. So, I went into my room and picked up the first yarn tote I saw. It just happened to be my poor CPH. But, in the mean time, here is a pic of my Wool Peddler's Shawl.

Not a very good pic, I know, I'll take a better one later. But, this is where she's at until the last ball of yarn arrives.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Maybe that's why......

I was having an e-mail conversation with my SIL, like ya do, and we were discussing Christmas gifts. We both have decided that since money is really tight this year, that there were going to be lots of home made goodies given, in a gift basket form (jams, jellies, cookies and breads, that sort of thing). Then we got to discussing gift for our own children. We discussed how they get too many gifts some years. And as they get older, they don't really need that many. Then, she tells me that the only gift she has from her childhood is a old afghan that was made for her. She asked me if I still had any of my old Christmas gifts. So, I thought about it, and realized that I do have 3 from when I was young. I have my baby Strawberry Shortcake doll, my Baby Bubble bath time doll, and a Little Mermaid necklace from Avon. That really made me think. I don't have any handmade gifts. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that only one of my grandmothers does any type of crafting. My grandmother Bonnie quilts, but she's never made anything for me. Maybe it's because I'm only a step-grandchild? And only my great-grandma Maletha did any crafting. She made quilts, too. But she died in the late '50's. My mom does have several of her quilts, but that's because she inherited them when her dad died. Which made me realize, maybe that's why I am such an crafting addict. Maybe that's why I insist on making at least 1 blanket a year for my girls. Maybe that's why I insist on making gifts for my nieces and cousins, my parents, and what's left of my grandparents. Maybe that's why I have fabric and yarn all over my house. Maybe.

Well, I didn't get to knit last night. I spent the evening rearranging my china cabinet. Then after dinner, I played video games. Well, I played the new Indiana Jones Lego game. I love that game, it's so cool. But, I'll share a pic of my china cabinet (aka curio cabinet pretending to be a china cabinet, as I don't have enough room in my new place for a real one):

This is my pride and joy. On the bottom three shelves is my collection of Fine China of Japan #6701, pattern name Vintage. I have 13 place settings (I put only 12 in the cabinet, as it looks better), the platter, gravy boat with underplate, tea pot, sugar with lid and creamer. As I was moving it around, I broke my round veggie bowl. But, that's a common piece, and I found a replacement that I'm ordering from ebay at the end of the week. But in the process of looking for another bowl, I found the covered soup turine. I ordered it, and that's why I have to wait till the end of the week to order the other. The only thing I need is the salt & pepper shakers. Then, on the top of the cabinet is the beginnings of my Libbey Silver Leaf glass collection. They go very well with the china. On the top shelf is my odds and ends tea pot, etc, collection. Maybe one day I'll take some pics of my vintage luncheon plate collection.

Katie has a make up game tonight, way out in the boonies. So, I'll have garaunteed knitting time. I'd take pics, but Mr. S borrowed my camera last night, so I'll have to take them later.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just another week?

Remember the damp carpet? Well, it started growing, literally. At the edge, along the base board, it started to sprout mushrooms. I thought I was seeing things last night, when I first noticed it. But no, they were mushrooms. So, there is a professional carpet company at my place, right now, cleaning the carpets. And all because the previous tennants put the wrong air filter in the furnace. It was too big, and didn't allow the a/c run off to drain properly. Now my SIL in Dayton is calling me Shrum-girl. lol. That's ok, because I'm gonna start calling her Geico, as the stupid customer service person for AT&T transferred her to Geico's customer service. Just because she didn't want to listen to his little schpell about all their service bundles. lol. What a day, huh?

Well, I'm coming along nicely on my second Josephine Top. All I have left to do is the shoulder decreases on the back, the front right side, the sleeve caps, and the trim. I really want to have it done by this weekend, but I doubt it. And the reason I want to have it done is because I have to start making costumes this weekend. The are all medieval gowns. I have 4 adult gowns, 2 child gowns, 3 adult corsages, and 2 child half bodices to make. I'll post pics as we work on them. We'll be starting on them this Saturday. I want to have them finished no later than July 12th. But since they are basic gowns, they'll be a breeze. I picked out some pretty interesting colors, too. Just wait and see.

Until later, Happy Knitting! (and sewing)