Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So, on Friday I was inspired while reading my blog list. On Babycocktails and Knitting, I noticed her finished Josephine top from the Summer '07 Interweave Knits, and remembered seeing it when I bought my copy of the issue. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. At lunch I ran and bought some Paton's Grace, in the taupe color. Well, after 2 false starts ( I was apparently too tired to add correctly) I got the count right on Saturday morning. I worked a couple of rounds and then took the girls to the mall, since Katie's BFF stayed the night. I worked on it some more when we got home, and few rounds on Sunday. It was on Monday that I made lots of head way. See, I had to take Katie in for a physical for school volley ball. In the , almost 4 to 5 hours of sitting in the doctor's office, I got a lot done. Granted, my thumb is hurting and just a little swollen. But, here is how much I have done:

I am loving this pattern! As you can see, I've decided to knit it in the round, just because I don't want to have to seam.

While I was pulling this pic off of the camera, I found a few more that I haven't posted. So, to begin with, I'll start with someone who decided to hide from the house for a while, and that would be Miss Moonie:

Then, I forgot to post the great socks that Anne made for me for the Summer Sock Party '07:

They fit me perfectly! And the colors are great.

Up next, is a pic of when Moonie decided to rejoin the rest of the world, and tried to share Butter's bed, and as you can see, Butter wasn't too thrilled about that.

Then, I found the one of where we were vacuuming the living room, and the cats hate that dreaded machine. This is were I found them, hiding behind the couch.

Then, the highlight of the weekend before. The new Harry Potter book! I stalked the mail man until he showed up.

And, as I said in my post on Friday, I met Beth. And she brought me her pizzell iron.

And, of course, I had to try it right away!

And here are the yummy almond flavored pizzells that I made:

Despite the fact that everyone said they didn't like almond flavored, they sure disappeared very quickly.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I fell down dead, again!

I just hate summer colds! Everything was going so well, then I got sick. It started as a sinus infection. Then I couldn't run a fever and developed a cold sore. The weekend after the 4th of July, Mr. S, trying to make me feel better and have a stress free weekend, dragged me out to the movies. He didn't seem to understand that having my upper lip swollen like I have been stung by a bee was stressing me out. But, I went anyway, because it meant so much to him. We saw the afternoon showing of Transformers, had dinner at Don Pablo's, and went back for the evening showing of Pirates 3. And on Sunday, he took me to The Shadowbox Cabaret to see The Rocky Horror Show. Which was fabulous!

The following week at work was a little on the bad side. Business picked up a little, and at the end of the week, someone was let go. Which meant that some of his job became my job, to catch up what he didn't do. And to top it off, the next week, business really picked up. I didn't even have a chance to get lunch most days. This week has been slowing back down. I was finally able to touch my laptop after almost 3 weeks. Oh, and on Friday the 13th, I was looking through some old stuff and broke an old thermometer. Yeah, trying to clean up mercury is real fun. Especially when you have to shut off the a/c to air out the house. Granted, it wasn't much, but I wasn't taking any chances. That one can be filed in that folder labeled "Things that only happen to Tonia". A short time later, I started feeling ill. And because of that, we missed the kid-parent softball game and the awards picnic.

Oh, and last Saturday I stalked the mail man. I was waiting for my copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows". The mail man normally runs around 11:30. Just because I was waiting for my book, he didn't show up till 3:15. So, yeah, that book swallowed me up for several days. And, once I finished it, my manager at work attacked to me find out what the ending was. She said that she was never going to read the books, and the movie would be at least a couple of years away, and she had to know.

But, I've go exciting news. Beth is in town to visit her parents, and I get to meet her tonight. She has brought me her pizzell iron. Yeah, I finally get to make pizzells. So, after work tonight, we're going to try to meet up somewhere between her parents and my parents house. This should be fun!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just another S-L-O-W day

Ok, so here I sit, at work, with not a thing to do. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I work for an air freight company. And the day before a holiday is always the slowest. I finished the sock that I was working on last night at Katie's game (they won, btw, 35 to 16) and didn't get home until way late. Late, as in I didn't get home until almost 10:30 pm, late. I was too tired to ball up any more yarn for another pair of socks, and I was on the phone to Mr. S. I was going to ball up some this morning before work, but yeah, I got up too late for that. Now, I have nothing to do at work, the boss is on vacation, it's prime knitting time in the office and I have nothing to work on. AAHHH! So, I have spent the better part of the day trying to find a new pattern to knit. I think I'll take a chance and knit something I would never consider knitting, something like....... this! I know, not such a big leap, but I usually stick with ankle socks, or shorten the leg of a pattern. This pattern calls for Lana Grossa, but I think I'll use some Trekking. Or some of the Austerman Step that I bought recently, but haven't got to try yet.

Hey, I get to leave early. See ya!

Monday, July 02, 2007

New month, new week....

So, it's Monday (Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends), and it's now July. Where has the first part of the year gone? And, being that it's Monday, we have a softball game tonight. The last of the regular games. Now we just have 3 make up games (if the other teams want to play them) and tournaments. I remembered the camera, so there should be a few good pics. The only drawl back to tonight's game is that it's out in the boonies. But that's what happens when you join a rec league in the (semi) country.

Over the weekend, We decided to paint ourselves with henna. We usually do this several times a summer, but last summer we were just too busy. And, for once, I remembered a camera to take pics of what we did. Below is a pic os the Celtic Heart that we all decided to have put on our arms. In the pic you'll see Katie's, PJ's and my arms.

PJ now wants to have it done as a permanent tattoo in that spot. Annie had a small one done, too. And like the bad mother that I am, I forgot to get a pic last night. So, I'll take one tonight. In case you're wondering, she got a small kitty on inside of her arm. It was funny when we started to put in on her. She tensed up, thinking that it would hurt, and started squirming and giggling because it tickled.

I finally remembered to take a pic of my Lorna's Lace Liberty footies. Here, they are, just in time for Independence Day.

For the 4th, we'll be heading to Mr. S's moms for a cookout. I'm gonna make pizza pasta salad and an Impossible French Apple pie. We'll toss the kiddlings into the pool to keep them busy so I can knit. There is nothing better than knitting pool side on a holiday. Especially one that fall in the middle of a work week. What a better way to spend a Wednesday! Too bad I have to work the 2 days after. :(