Thursday, February 23, 2006

Last Moving Update

This will be the last moving update, as I do not plan to have time to post again until after we are all moved in. I know, famous last words! We plan to leave work at 11:30 tomorrow morning, and not return to the office, unless it's burning down, and at that point, there really isn't much use in returning, huh? After we sign the lease and pay the first months rent, then the move is on. Here is the agenda for the remainder of the time:

  • Thursday - break down the bunk beds, pack the girls room, pack front closet, finish packing the kitchen, finish the odds & ends in my room and the living room, and do a few loads of laundry (as my washer has now had a new water pump put into it, at the tune of $155.00. Ouch!)
  • Friday - sign lease and move in.
  • Saturday - move furniture
  • Sunday - unpack and take out stuff for bulk pick up

And last night, I had a nervous break down with the packing. First I ran out of tape, then I thought I was on the verge of running out of boxes and was able to scrounge a few. But, by this point I felt very overwhelmed, gave up and went to bed at 9 o'clock. That's unheard of for me. I would have knitted, but, since I packed it all.....

We tried to go for the size US1 DPN's again today at out LYS, but they still hadn't gotten any in. However, the nice lady working today promised to hold 2 sets back for us when they did get them. And, mission accomplished. We were able to get that billboard! See:

This one's for all you Ohio State Buckeye fans out there. This is right next to the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe here in Columbus. Here's looking forward to the 2007 football season. Yes, I like football, mainly college. We take our sports seriously here in Ohio.

See ya next week!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Moving Update # 3

It seems to be taking me longer to get stuf done, and the days seem to be moving quicker. AAHHHH! Still, I didn't too bad last night. Miss Amy came over and did the whole moral support, and garbage bag support thing. I did stray a little from the packing plans. Last night I finished most of what I had in my bed room to do, I still have to pack my shoes (mostly heels) and empty the night stand drawers. We bumped the basement up a little and did the laundry area last night. I had to call a washer repairman, as my washer seems to have sprung a leak in the front, but only when the water is filling into the tub? So, he'll be there tomorrow morning, with my mom waiting for him, as we will be moving to a place that has a first floor laundry, and we can't have a leak. I called today to schedule a visit for Vinny and his brother Mushu to the vets on Monday. Both boys will not be feeling like boys by the end of the day, know what I mean? Here's what's left on the agenda:

  • Wednesday - pack shoes and nightstands, finish packing down kitchen (didn't get near that last night), the hall closet, the living room closet, pack down clean laundry, and if I can make it there, help Katie with her room.
  • Thursday - break down the girls' bunk beds with Miss Amy and finish what I don't get to tonight.
  • Friday - sign lease and start moving boxes, drawers and cushions
  • Saturday - move furniture
  • Sunday - unpack and take out trash for bulk pick up at old place.

This is where I am moving from:

I live on the bottom, until Saturday, and have been there since 1997. Wow! That looks odd.

This is where we are moving to:

that's not my car in the drive, btw.

Not bad, huh? Not that I didn't like my old place, but the neighborhood has gone drastically down hill in the past 4 years. Not to mention the problems I have been having for several months, you can read about it here, at the bottom of the page on January 5th's post. It's enough to make anyone wanna move, or commit homicide.

And on the knitting side of things? Nada, zip, zilch, zero! I packed it, good thing I didn't join the Knit Olympics or Sockapalooza, huh?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Moving Update # 2

Ok, moving days looms ever closer. I did make some head way last night, despite a much need, way too expensive, and too long trip to Wally World. Honest, all I went in for was trashbags and cat food, $134.00 later, I left very disillisioned. Then, after a wasted trip to the library for a book that Katie needed ( for class today, and the branch only had 2 copies, both checked out), I finally made it home to keep packing. Tonight will be more frenzied packing. I will not let this defeat me! I will move with everything packed, even if it kills me! So, here's the plan for the rest of the week:

  • Tuesday - finish packing kitchen, finish odds & ends in my room, the bathroom, hall cabinet, and if I can make it there, the hall closet and living room closet.
  • Wednesday - help Katie finish the girls' room, finish what I don't get done tonight, and move on to the laundry area.
  • Thursday - break down bunk beds with Miss Amy and finish what's left from Wednesday.
  • Friday - sign lease and start moving boxes, drawers, cushions, pillows, etc.
  • Saturday - move furniture.
  • Sunday - unpack and take out trash for bulk pick up at old place.

Again, this is why I haven't moved in 8 1/2 years. And, I had better not have to move for the next 3 to 4 years. I will put down roots, again. And, I think I have TMS ( Tramatic Moving Syndrome).

Monday, February 20, 2006

Moving Update

This is what it has come down to, Moving Updates! Over the weekend, we got more if the house packed, the kitchen table taken down, my bed taken down (box springs and mattress on the floor), the bathroom de-constructed, more boxes packed, and some of the clothes packed. Here's the plan for the rest of the week:

  • Monday - finish packing my room as Katie packs hers
  • Tuesday - finish packing dishes left in the kitchen
  • Wednesday - pack down the hall closet and living room closet, along with odds & ends
  • Thrusday - take down the girls' bunk beds and pack odds & ends
  • Friday - sign lease and start moving boxes
  • Saturday - move furniture from 2 houses to 1
  • Sunday - unpack everything

I think that's what I don't like about moving, and haven't done it for 8 1/2 years. I hate to spend weeks packing everything, just to move it in a day or two, and then spend weeks unpacking it.

On the knitting front, late Saturday night, in my boredom, I made this:

This is for Annie, and I have the second sock on the needles to work on in the wee hours for when I'm not packing.

Speacking of packing, here's Moonie, ready to move:

I have spent days trying to convince her that I can not pack her in one of these boxes, that's it's not humane, but every open box she see, she tries to occupy it before I can get anything into it.

For lunch today, it was a toss up of chinese or Chipotle's. Chipotle's won, and now I wish it had been chinese. At least with chinese, I know when to stop eating. With Chipotle, it's too good to stop, and then I feel miserable from eating too much. Miss Amy blames me for her eating her whole burrito and feeling miserable, so I'll take the blame. On the way back to the office, in our misery, we spotted something we had to circle back around the block to look at. And this is what we saw:

At first, we thought he was eating his lunch on the top of this two story house. Closer inspection, he was painting the eaves.

And here is a pic of what my afternoon has been:

Playing my newest toy , my lovely laptop, reading blogs and eating Hershey's Kissables.

Edited to add: I took a cool, color quiz. I found the link on Knit Witch's blog. You can find it here.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Can't stop knitting socks

Miss Amy and I sent an order to Knit Picks on Wednesday for some lovely sock yarns. Just as I clicked the send button, Miss Amy noticed that their distrabution center is in Grove City, Ohio. And on closer inspection, it's about 3/4 of a mile from our new place, which is where we had it sent in anticpation of it taking 5 to 14 days to arrive. Good thing we know the neighbors, as it arrived yesterday. It's great that we can get next day service, basically, for our orders. I love it. And, here is my half of the order:

There are 2-50 gm balls of Blush, 2-50 gm of petal, 2-50 grams balls of apricot, 2-50 gm balls of snapdragon and 3-50 gm balls of the blues, all destined to become such lovely socks. All of this on top of the 100 gm ball of Trekking XXL colorway #40, the 50 gm ball of Fortissima colorway # 9070, and the balls I bought at Knitter's Night Out: 50 gm ball of Fortissima colorway #4010 (for Annie), 50 gm ball of Fortissima colorway # 4008 (for Katie), 100 gm balls of Meilenweit Multi colorways #3070 & #3121. And to think that I was always afraid to knit socks. Now I can't stop.

Speaking of knitting socks, here is one I am about to finish:

This is my first attempt at the short row toe. I finished the kitchener stitch just after this photo, and it looks, fits and feels great. Now, to knit the mate.

Ok, every time I go to my LYS, I forget to take my camera so I can get a pic of a bill board near by. Right beside the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe, there is a huge State Farm bill board in red with white letters that says, "Just in case you hit a Wolverine", and being a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, I think it's great. And I always manage to forget the damn camera, and today was no exception. Miss Amy and I went to get a pair of US 1 DPN's, forgot camera, and not US 1 DPN's at the store. It must be let down Friday.

Anyway, lots of packing this weekend, and I think maybe we'll dismantle the beds, the kitchen table, and the coffee table and endtables. Lots of laundry too. Fun, fun, huh?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Headache sorta day....

I seem to have a headache that I can't shake. I've taken asprin and eaten, but, it still won't go away. Maybe it's the dreary, non-wintery day outside that's doing it. Or the lack of knitting, yeah, maybe that's it.

Once again, no knitting due to packing. When will it ever end? Then, once it does end, and we have moved, it will be the unpacking that will do me in. Maybe that's why I hadn't moved in the past 8 years, all the packing and unpacking. But then again, now it's forcing me to throw out all the things that I have hung onto for years that I was postive that I would need eventually. Well, eventually came and I don't need them. Hello Mr. Trashman, bulk pick up for 8 (years of crap, that it). And, I am decidedly not as attached to all of it as I thought I would be.

Well, more packing tonight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Aftermath

Being a single mom, Valentine's day is just another day to me. However, the girls did get me a heart shaped box of chocolates, and a slew of hand made cards. And I bought then little heart shaped boxes of the candy of their choice. The fall out would be that I still have the Bridgette Jones Syndrome (you know, "Have bottom the size of Brazil"), and the chocolates don't help. All they do is sit in the box and call my name until I crack and eat a handful of them.

I am still packing. I have to finish the kitchen, bath, closets, laundry area, and my room. And, I haven't started the girls room.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Slightly Distracted

I forgot to post yesterday, as I was doing some genealogy research, and got excited about a few new discoveries. However, I didn't forget, I did take the pics of my knitting spot.

Here is the spot that I sit in:

Behind me is the lamp, for plenty of light, and to my right is my knitting basket, in an easy location for the kiddies and the kitties to spill my glasses of water into. Also, we have the pillows to prop around me.

Now, for my view from where I sit:

It's kinda dark, but there's the tv, and to the right of the tv is all the boxes for moving, most of which are full.

And, we have less than 2 weeks and counting before the moving day. I still have a bit to pack, too.

Here is a picture that was a bit of a shock. As Annie in one of her moods, flung a Winnie the Pooh across the bedroom, it landed on top of the lamp. She didn't bother to retrieve it, or tell anyone that it was there, and this is what Katie brought to me:

Poor Pooh! He was unceramoniously dumped into the trash can, after the "You Could've Burned the House Down" speech. My mom may forever be known as the one who threw away my favorite Winnie the Pooh (when I was 9), but Annie will forever be known as the "Pooh Killer". I'm hope she has learned something from this besides a way to do away with stuffed animals.

I just wanted to add that Miss Amy and I did go to Knitter's Night Out (finally), and loved it. Even though we didn't know anyone else, they made us feel very welcome. And I got lots of compliments on my ankle socks. I took the ankle sock that I am working on, for the second pair. On this one, I am trying the short row toe. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Very busy packing and dealing with two bum knees. I forgot to take the pics of my knitting spot. I know, I am horrible. I will do it over the weeken, and please forgive the mess of the boxes as I pack.

Tonight, Miss Amy and I will be attending Knitter's Night Out at our LYS, finally, for the first time. Here's to a good time!!!

See ya Monday.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh my....

Last night I showed my mom the footie socks I finished the night before. After looking them over, she looked at me across the dinner table and said, "Well, at least I know that if we ever go into another recession, I can give you old sweaters to make into socks." She then went on to ask me to make a pair for Grandma, and when I said that I needed her measurements, she hold up her foot and said they were the exact same.

I have taken up the meme tag from Sandy at Sandy's Knitting. So, tonight I will go home and take pics of my knitting spot. Maybe, sans cats and kids. We'll have to wait and see.

And now for something off the wall. I was e-mailed a phots of an oddly shaped island, but I have no idea where it is. This is what is it looks like:

If anyone knows the name of this island or where it is, please let me know. It'll drive me nuts until I find out. Kind like the questions that have been dropped on me in the past. Such as when I work for an optomerist, and Miss PJ's sister wanted to know what fire hoses where made of. I couldn't take it. I called a fire station, told the first fire fighter that answered that I was a high school student doing a report and needed to know. He said he didn't know and gave me the phone number for the manufacturer. I called them and did the same thing. I now know that they are made of rubber and nylon. Or the time Miss PJ's mom called her up, asked what Dorothy's last name was in the Wizard of OZ, and when we said we didn't know, she told us to find out, and hung up. It's Gale.

I had to add this, as it made me laugh, really hard.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bridgette Jones Syndrome

As of late, I have had the Bridgette Jones Syndrome - The whole "Have bottom bigger than Brazil!" thing. After dropping more than 50 lbs., and staying somewhat slim for a little over 2 years, I gained about half of it back after the many cookouts over last summer. Now, I have decided that it must come back off, and then a little. And now, I have a partner in crime, Miss Amy. This way, we can help each other stay on the band wagon and be each other's motivation. Let's see how well this works.

On to knitting news. I have finished the Sockotta socks and have knitted a pair of footie socks in Fortissima Colori Disco, colorway # 9052. I only had a 50 gm, and was very happy that I could finish them with some left over.

Here we have the Sockotta socks:

And, yes, those are flame jammies.

Here is the start of the first footie:

And here at the finished footies:

It's my first try with self stripe-ing yarn. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. And, yes, as Miss Amy so politely pointed out over my shoulder, I am that pale. I would have taken more pics of the progress, but these worked up quicker than I expected. But, being stuck on the couch for 2 nights with alternating ice packs and heating pads on my knee helped that. I apparently twisted my right knee Monday morning when I was getting down off the forklift. And, yes, I drive a forklift. So, this much knitting indicates that I haven't been packing, as someone (Conrad) else in the office so graciously pointed out, but in as much pain as I was in, who could blame me.

In non-knitting related pics, here is one of Annie:

We were playing with the Red Hat Society hats in Wally World, and she just looked too adorable. Who wouldn't take a pic of that cute little face.

Anyway, must pack tonight. Only 2 1/2 weeks left to do it in.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Living in a cave?

Yes, I have been living in a cave. While doing my daily blog land reading, I came across something that floored me. I was reading Knitting Queen's site, and saw her link to a company that sells yarn relatively cheap. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the price on the sock yarns. Just let me say that I was paying 3x's what they charge. How I could have missed this site is still unknown to me. I remember seeing the site recommened on a blog, briefly looking at it, and thinking that I would come back later and check it out. But, Knitting Queen's comment brought me to a dead stop in mid-blog. And, I just love the color selections, too. You can find all of this at Knit Picks. And, for anyone thinking of my birthday (I know, it's not until June - just an early reminder), you can order me sock yarns, 2 balls of anything, and I will love it.

Ok, packing report. I have actually started to pack. And tomorrow, we go to do the final walk through and pay the deposit. I think that once that's done, I can get excited about it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just a Quickie!

Here's a quick post. I wanted to show the difference between the puppy my grandma got in Decemeber, and one of her brother pups.

Here is Lady Love:

And here is Winston:

Big difference, huh?