Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Hi! Just a quick note to say that I have decided to move my blog. Guess I just needed a change. You can find me here.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Holiday weekends work

I hope everyone had a happy long weekend. I decided that I wanted to get some things done around the house. So, while watching movies I made some more re-usable Swiffer clothes. I love these things, and we use like crazy. And, you can never have enough. Here are the ones that I made on Saturday and Sunday.

Can you tell one of the movies we watched?

On Sunday, I was very busy in the kitchen. I decided that it was time to make more jelly, and try my hand at jam and pumpkin butter.

Here is the pumpkin butter cooking. It smelled and tastes divine.

Here are my jars boiling.

The juice and pectin for jellies.

My sweet tea, and something to keep me busy in the in between moments. Good book, the movie was nothing like it. In the movie, they totally ruined the story line.

The blackberries, defrosting.

It was hot in the kitchen, see the steam rolling off of the berries?

Some of it done. There are 5 jars of pumpkin butter in the back, and 5 jars of apple jelly in the front.

More added to it, 5 jars of white grape jelly.

Juicing the berries. I was completely unprepared. I had to use a small strainer to juice them.

Some blackberry pulp and seeds. We were joking that it kind of looked like a heart.

Just to get a cup and a half of juice, I had to use almost the whole clear bowl of berries.

This is what was left after getting the cup and a half.

The juice cooking with the pectin. It really looked like blood.

Look at the color on the spoon.

And, six jars of blackberry jam.

All together, I was only 3 jars short of 2 dozen 1/2 pints made.

Today, I sat and watched more movies, and knitted more. See?

Another Swiffer cloth.

And another Baby Genius Burp Cloth for Miss PJ. Little Jeremy is getting so big. He's over 3 months old, and just about ready to start using the bibs and burp clothes I've made. I need to make more, that way Miss PJ has plenty.

Well, tomorrow it's back to work. Happy Knitting!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Just as I promised

Here are all the pics that I haven't been able to post until now. We'll start with the camping trip. Most of us found the camping trip fun. We couldn't get a spot at the any of the close camping grounds, as I didn't have the money to reserve ahead on the internet. But, we did camp. Where, you may ask? Why, in my mom's back yard, of course. Mom lives in the nearly-country. So, we pitched the tents in the back yard. The first night it was Shawn, me and the girls, Taylor did come to visit for dinner and marshmallows over the fire. So, let's start with the pics.

Here is Shawn, roasting a marshmallow.

Here is Taylor and Katie. And, yes, that is a marshmallow in Katie's mouth.

Even Bebe enjoyed the trip. (sorry, the pic's a little blurry.) Before I took Bebe, mom wasn't able to let her out in the back yard without being on a leash, she would try to run off. Both mom and dad commented on how calm she is since I inherited her, and how she just followed me around.

The camp fire.

Roasting marshmallows. I think if you click on it to enlarge it, you just might see the flame from the bottom marshmallow to the top one.

Shawn, with a handful of marshmallows.

Katie and Taylor, eating marshmallows.

Miss PJ joined us on Saturday with her oldest son, Brandon, and her nephew, Dale. We went canoeing Saturday afternoon at Trapper John's Canoe Livery, which is around the corner from mom's. Sorry, no pics of that, as I didn't want to risk getting my camera wet. Later, as PJ looked at all the tents we had set up, she said it looked like a traveling hippie commune. Here are pics of the tents.

A shot of most of the tents.

Here is the morning dew on top of PJ's brand new tent. If you click on the pic to enlarge it, you may see how sparkly it looks.

Here is PJ's big tent.

Here is her brand new tent.

Here is my tiny tent. We joked that even the dog had a tent. I forgot to take a pic of it, but the tent to the left is my medium tent that the girls slept in.

Here is my largest tent, which is very old, and I loaned it to a friend, who basically ruined it. Mom bought me a new tent to replace it, I just haven't had time to unpack it to take pics of it yet.

And here is Brandon peeking out of his mom's new tent. We joked that it ate him.

When we went back to PJ's, she brought out something and gave it me, saying, "Here. Take this, I'll never use it, and I know you will." It was a noodle extruder.

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I plan to this weekend. I found a recipe for whole wheat pasta to try. And, it came with 5 different dies for 5 different styles of noodles. I can't wait to try it.

Now for knitting projects. First up is the Tudora that I made with a left over ball from my CPH.

This was the beginning of it. I had intended to take it as my knitting project for camping, but only got to knit 2 rows.

Here is Katie modeling it for me. I don't like the placement of the button, so I will be fixing it. I didn't modify the pattern in any way.

Here are pics that are a result of leaving my camera in the house with the girls while they are home alone.

Bebe, looking less than thrilled to have her pic taken.

Moonie, also looking less than thrilled.

And, alas, Vinny, trying to ignore the camera.

Here is some yarn that I recently acquired to make another Tudora and a pair of Fetching to go with my navy pea coat. Normally, I don't go for orange colors, but Miss Amy convinced me to break out of the box and pick from the opposite side of the color wheel.

It's Plymouth's Baby Alpaca worsted. And it's like buttah. It is so soft, that I can't even feel it move between my fingers.

And finally, my finished Wool Peddler's Shawl. I still need to block it.


Yarn: Cascade 220
Color: # 8895 Red
Needles: US 9 circs
Mods: I added 2 extra reps to use up the yarn that I had.

I love this shawl, and can't wait to get it blocked.

Well, I'm going to go watch Haunted Lighthouses on the Travel Channel. I should have pics soon of the jellys, jam and pumpkin butter, as well as noodles, breads and homemade alfredo sauce from this weekend. Until then, Happy Knitting!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

That time of year.....

It's time for school to start! Katie went back yesterday, her first day of 8th grade. Annie goes back tomorrow for her first day of 2nd grade. Today, I had my first day back to my normal, long commute. As much as I've hated that drive for the past 7 years, I actually enjoyed it today. Maybe it's because I got to spend more than 15 minutes alone. This past summer, I only had to drive to work, so I only spent 15 minutes in the car. Now that I'm back to the normal drive, which I spend 2 hours in the car each day, I have found it to be relaxing. And, maybe it's also the fact that I can feel fall in the air, and I have a powerful urge to start a cabled pullover. But, anywho!

I do have camping pics to share, I just haven't found the time to blog about them. I'll try to post them soon. And I have 2 FO's to share. But, I'm not at home. If you're on Ravelry, you can check them out before I blog about them. I whipped up a Tudora with a ball of left overs from my CPH, which was Wool of the Andes in Black Cherry Heather. And I finally finished my Wool Peddler's Shawl. I still need to wash and block the shawl, but it came out so lovely. So, now I am working on another Tudora in some Plymouth Baby Alpaca in a deep pumpkin orange. I'll be making a matching pair of Fetching to go with it. This will be my new winter set to go with my navy pea coat. I'll also be finishing the sleeves for my poor forgotten Rogue. I have also been trying to crank out squares for the afghans I'm working on for Christmas. I still need to finish Annie's bright green Irish Hiking Scarf. And I have a pair of socks on the needles that have been waiting patiently for me to finish them and mail them to Canada, to Miss Laura. Plus, this weekend I want to process about 5 lbs of blackberries for jam, make some apple and white grape jelly, and some pumpkin butter. Thank goodness it's a long weekend.

So, until I'm able to post pics, Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A case of just my luck, and a busy week ahead

It never fails. Yesterday I visited the LYS to see if they had my ball of red, and it wasn't in. Well, this morning I was washing my hands after eating a doughnut, and my back pocket started singing. It was the LYS to tell me that my yarn arrived this morning. See? Just my luck. So, I'll be running back up there this afternoon for lunch, to fetch my ball of yarn. In the mean time, I re-started the sleeves for my poor, lingering Rogue. I didn't get too far last night, but I'm going to finish them before finishing my Wool Peddlar's Shawl.

The rest of my busy week will be in an impromptu trip to Dayton this evening, and then packing for camping this weekend, more on that in a minute. Why the trip to Dayton, you may ask? Well, it's because I have a chance to get my hot little hands on a very sought after book. My SIL has graciously found a copy of Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting that I can barrow. Therefore, I think a trip to Dayton is a small price to pay to get my hands on a book that is currently selling for more that $260. Then, Shawn will have his long awaited St. Enda pullover.

As for the camping trip, I can't wait. I love to go camping. I have taken Friday off so I can grocery shop in the morning, and go in the afternoon to set up camp. Shawn was surprised that he found a woman that comes complete with all of her own camping gear. I have been equipped for years. I have 3 different sizes of tents, coolers in abundance, old cook wear set aside just for camping, an air mattress (which I will be buying another this week), but I have to replace my sleeping bags, they were a little on the old side, like almost as old as Katie. We're not going far, we're just going to Deer Creek State Park, but, it's camping. Woo-Hoo! Miss PJ and the boys might going along as well. I'll try to remember my camera, so I can share pics.

Anywho! Lunch is quickly approaching, and I have to run. Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 11, 2008

An FO and the hunt for more to finish off

Well, I went to my LYS to see if they have the last ball of red I need. They said that it was on it's way, but just hadn't arrived yet. While I was there, I also checked on some Cascade Cash Vero DK for a friend in Mississagua, Canada. Can we say ouch? They don't carry it the shop, so they would have to order it. It has to be ordered by the bag, which she did need a whole bag, but it was $9 US per ball. We have picked out some Knit Picks Merino Style in Dusk. It'll make a lovely shawl.

Over the weekend I finished off my Central Park Hoodie. It shall linger in a unfinished state no more. So, with no further ado:

Katie is modeling it for me.

She looks so thrilled, huh?

When we were done, I had to make her take it off. She was more than happy to try and keep it. I have promised to make her one. She has picked out some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Forest Heather for hers. But, here are my details:


Pattern: Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene Fall 2006
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes
Color: Black Cherry Heather
Balls of yarn: ordered 16, only used 14 and a few yards
Needles: US 6 & 8 Circs
Size: to fit 44" bust
Modifications: Knit the body of the cardi as 1 piece. And knitted about 3" for the Ribbing/Button Band. I did not make buttons holes. If and when I find buttons for it, I'll add button loops.

Well, since my red yarn isn't in yet, I'll be looking for the yarn to finish the sleeves for my Rogue this evening. That'll be another lingering project that will finally see a finish. Until later.....

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dangerous cake, dangerous knitting and dangerous fun

The girls and I settled in for a night alone, Shawn stayed home this evening. I made pizza pasta salad for dinner, and we decided to experiment for dessert. I have been working very hard on my CPH (since I still don't have the last ball of yarn to finish my WPS), here's a progress pic:

I have a sleeve and a half to finish, and the ribbing trim on the front, and it'll be a done puppy!

As for dessert, I found the most dangerous cake recipe in the world (Ravelry link) on Ravelry. If you don't know what that is, and you're on Ravelry, you have to check it out. I just had to try it out with the girls. For those of you that aren't on Ravelry, yet, (if you're not, go join the wait list now), you mix a little bit of everything you need to make a cake in a mug, and cook it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. I was very skeptical when I saw the recipe, but I must admit, it worked, and was very yummy. Here are some pics of that:

Here are the mugs we mixed them in.

Here is one in the microwave, cooking. Half way through the cook time, it starts to rise above the rim of the mug, but it's nothing to worry about.

Here's what it looks like when it comes out of the microwave.

Here's Katie's, she topped her's with some chocolate syrup and cut up candy bars.

Here is Annie's, she pushed a few candy bar pieces down into hers.

And, here's mine, I topped it with what was left of my Dove Chocolate & Cherry Courtship ice cream. Yummy!

In the excitement to get the mugs out, Katie opened the cabinet and out fell a mug onto my mug from Great Lakes. See:

What a shame. I collect one for every year that I visit. I guess I'll just have to try to glue this one back together and set it the back of the shelf. I'll have to look for another green one next year. Oh well! (Granted, I can say that now, but I was very upset at the time.)

Happy Knitting!