Thursday, September 28, 2006

Better late than never.....

I have finally made up my mind on what yarn to use for my Central Park Hoodie. I have chose Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Black Cherry Heather. I can't wait to see what this color looks like in person. I placed the order this morning, and it's in stock, so if our luck with Knit Picks holds true, I should have this on my door step tomorrow afternoon, and no later than Saturday. I also order some Memories sock yarn in Red Hat for my step-grandmother for a pair of socks for Christmas. And I got some Essentials in Grass to make a pair of fingerless gloves for dad to wear hunting.

Also, I have made a vacation goal. I have always wanted to visit abroad, especially Ireland, Scotland and England. I have set my sites on Scotland. I have decided that within the next 3 years, as soon as I can afford it, I will be taking a week to go to Inverness, Scotland, by myself. Or with a significate other, if I have one by then. If not, then I shall go play in the Highlands alone. I have even picked out the hotel that I want to stay at. It's directly across from a castle that sits in the center of town. And there are lots of other castles and battlefields that are a bus ride away. So, I think to help myself along to this goal, I am going to design a pattern to sell. I'll pick a charity to donate half of the proceeds to, and save the other half for my trip. This way, I'll be helping others along with saving my sanity. Now, what type of pattern should I design? I know it will have a celtic theme. Should it be a scarf, socks, cardi, bag or shawl? I'm open for suggestions, so let me know what kind of patterns you'd be interested in.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back from Death's door

Ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration. But I did spend all weekend in bed, and left work early on Monday. I have finished the meds the doctor gave me, but don't really seem to be getting better. The illness just seems to be moving on to new areas. It started out as a sinus infection, now it's trying to settle in my chest and I now have an ear infection. I almost can't hear out of my right ear. So, since I am still sick, I have no motivation to knit, as much as I want to. Good thing I started early on my stuff for my Harvest Sock Swap Pal. I have the yarn, picked out the pattern, and have already picked up a few goodies. Before I got ill, I had come up with a theme.

So, here's to hopeing I get better soon.

Friday, September 22, 2006

We temporarily interrupt this blog....

due to illness. It seems as if I was struck down overnight. Since I had a 10:30 doctor's appointment for my shoulder (from the accident), I had her look at me for this sudden cold. Turns out that I have a very bad sinus infections. I am now on antibiotics and cough syrup. When I got back to the office, I did what I could concentrate on, and then fell asleep sitting up right in my chair. My boss (who so graciously brought his germs into the office earlier this week), looked at me and told me to go home. I have been in bed ever since. I want to sleep, but my head hurts so bad that I can't. So, I will take a few minutes to answer some comments from the past couple of days.

Ashley writes:
I bought the traditional. The Elizabeth are gorgeous though and that's what I'd really love. You know, after learning to spin on a drop spindle I didn't have any trouble with my traditional. In fact, I wanted the traditional, because I didn't want to grow out of a beginner wheel. Something to think about.Isn't spinning great? Looks good so far, and you picked such a pretty color of roving.

Thanks for the advise, Ashley. I have really been going back and forth on which wheel to buy when the time comes.

Cortney writes:
Which LYS did you buy your roving at? I haven't really found a good source here in Columbus yet, though I've seen some at both Heavenly Creations and The Yarn Shop. I'm seriously coveting a wheel also. I'm dropping major hints to the hubby since we have an anniversary coming up.Also, are you having any trouble keeping your spindle turning? Mine keeps untwisting because I can't draft fast enough, so I'm having to "park and draft."

I did get this roving at Heavenly Creations. I haven't been to The Yarn Shop, yet. But The Knitter's Mercantile did have a few small sample bags of pre-dyed roving from Ciber Moon out of Utica, OH. I have the same problem with trying to keep it turning in the right direction. I have to "park and draft" too. Although the girl who showed me how to use it did say that she had to do the same thing in the begining. So, I guess it's par for the course.

Ok, I'm going to try to sleep now, if I can, since the girls are watching the Fantastic Four in my room. I'll bog when I feel better.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back from the edge of the blogosphere

What a busy week! I did get my car back from the body shop of Friday. My baby looks pretty, new and shiny. They detailed inside and out. I still have to take an "after" pic. But you can't tell that my car was ever in an accident. Then, after I got my car back, Amy and I hit the Applebee's for happy hour. And it must have been family night because we ran into one of aunts, her husband and my cousin who was up visiting. Then, as we take our seats we run into family of Amy's ex, and as we were leaving we run into Amy's cousin. Applebee's had a very busy night. Over the weekend, I stay in my dungeon (bedroom) and watched movies. The kids were camping with mom all weekend. Then, Monday I got bored, made a trip to Michael's at lunch and bought a few things. Those few things were some pre-cut dow rods, little brass hooks and a couple of wooden car wheels. See:

I know, kinda bad pic. Then I sat at my desk and made this:

A drop spindle! And I bought the cute little wood tray next to it, now I need to figure out what color to paint it. But back to the spindle. Once I had that, then came the next logical step, a trip to the LYS for some roving and a quick lesson on how to use it. I'm still not doing well, but I'll eventually get the hang of it. Now that I have decided that I love to spin, will be the next logical step, a wheel. I took some time while I was bored at work to do a little research (in the sparadic times the wireless router was up). I have decided come income tax time, when I buy myself 1 very expensive item that I really, really want, I'll be buying a Ashford Traveler. Granted I really want the Elizabeth or the Traditional, I'll start with the Traveler and work my way up to the others a few years down the road. And I thought it was so cute that the roving I bought had the names of the sheep it came off of, on the tag. And here is the beginning of my first attempt:

I have more pics to show, but America's Next Top Model is on, and it's the 2 hour season starter.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A little better day

Today was a little better. My week seems to be looking up. See, yesterday I was catching up on my blog reading, as I neglected it because of last week's drama, and I was commenting on blogs. Then this morning, when I checked my e-mail, I have one from Sheri from Just in the knit of time. Seems that my comment put her comment total in the double digits for a single post. And being the sweetheart that she is, she is sending me a prize. Pop over and take a look. Go ahead, I'll wait........ See, isn't that fab. 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces in Rainbow! I'm so excited. I never win anything. And I mean NEVER! Then, when we got home today, in the mail box was a post card from Connie in Austraila. I'll scan it and post it. She is a friend from my Post Card Swap. This is the second post card from her. She writes that it's spring down under, and everything is in bloom and beautiful. I'll have to send her one of fall from here. I wonder what our mail man thinks. Boxes and post cards all month long, from all over the world. It's at times like this that I'm grateful for all the friends I have made through the blogosphere! Y'all are wonderfull!

Monday, September 11, 2006

An new week...

Here's to hopeing it turns out better than last week.

On the knitting front. I am almost done with my Rogue. I finished the hood over the weekend, and I only have the sleeves left to finish. I had decided that I would not knit anything else until I finished it, but, with the stress lately, I think I need to cast on for another pair of socks. Or, I can knit the second sock for the one that Juju knit for me. I must have stress relief, I had to drop my car off at the body shop today, and it's not supposed to be ready until next Monday. Although, they did tell me that they would try to have it ready by Friday. Maybe the planets will align just right and they will have it ready.

I have just signed up for Warm Hands. It looks like fun. And, since I just learned to knit gloves, mittens should be a breeze. That, and Annie asked for some in her favorite color, green.

And I have found something, that if I ever get my butt to shrink back down, I must knit. It's in the fall edition of Knitty, and it's called Intolerable Cruelty. This is just too sexy. If I ever get a date again, I'll have to wear it. And let me stress the if. *sigh*

Please take a moment to remember the tragic events that happened five years ago today. And the men and women that are bravely defending our Freedom. And on a personal note, Hope you come home soon, Bubba! (to my friend and co-worker, Owen, currently serving over seas.)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A shiny happy moment (warning: picture heavy)

Welcome to the Cosmic Karma Smack Court! (sound People's Court theme music here)

I have heard from her insurance company. They find her at fault, despite the fact that the cop didn't. However, they only find her 75% at fault, and so they are only going to pay for 75% of the car repair, rental car fee and cost to replace the child safety seat for Annie. And to continue the saga, my shoulder has gotten worse, and I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Her insurance company wasn't too happy to hear that. But oh well. They say that I was 25% at fault for not making sure their customer wasn't going to do what she did. Like I can channel Miss Cleo from behind bars, huh? Well, as far as the damages go, there is about $2400.00 worth of damage to my car, and here is what it looked like right after the accident:

Not bad for hitting a pick up truck, huh? You can still see the dew on my hood. Well, if this is $2400.00, then I wonder how much this would be:

But, anywho! I drop my car off on Monday, and it will take 6 business days to repair. And now on to better things.

And thanks to Maggie and Ginny for commenting on my accident. Atleast I'm not the only one that's outraged by the lack justice by the attending police officer.

Here are the belated pics of the goodies that Alejandra sent to me.

Here is everything as it was in the box.

Here are 4 skeins of Angora Soft yarn in a very light grey. It feels so yummy!

Here is a cross stitched book mark for when I read. This pic doesn't do it justice. It's white, not cream as it looks, and the design is done in blues.

Here are some delicous teas.

Here are some scrumptious chocolates. There were 6, but I ate one as soon as I opened them.

This pic is very blurry. But it's a great lip balm that's made in Paris.

And here are 2 post cards for my collection from Buenos Aires where Alejandra lives. I scanned them to show them better, but blogger won't let me upload them. Argentina is a beautiful place that I would love to visit some day. Thank you so much, Alejandra! You are a great Secret Pal. I'll be making you a pair of socks and sending them to you soon.

And for more goodies. Today I got my Summer Sock Party package. My party pal was Juju, and here is what was in the box:

She made me the Broad Ripple sock from Knitty. It fits me perfectly! And look at the goregous tin. It's a Singer tin that I had looked at many, many times in the sewing store but never bought. I love it. Sitting on top of it is a blueberry candle, a scissor fob and stitch markers. The envelope has a card in it that has a pattern for a winter poncho on it. And in the letter Juju tells me that she used to live in Miami and the color of the sock reminds her of that area. The blueberry candle is "all Maine", she says, as she has tons of blueberries growing in her back yard. I love blueberries, especially when they are fresh. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had them growing in my back yard. The scissor fob is so cute. It matches the sock colors with green and blue flowers and leaves. And the stitch markers match the fob. Oh, and the yarn. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's Lana Grossa, right? I love Lana Grossa, it makes such comfortable socks. Thanks Juju!

And just to share a few other pics on my camera:

Here is my Moon Flower plant, just outside our front door. These blooms are huge, they only last one night and are about the size of a tea saucer. In the pic above of my Summer Sock Party sock is one that is opening tonight.

Here seems to be the last bloom of my poor rose bush for the season.

Here is some Lorna's Laces in OSU, made just for a shop in Dublin, OH called Temptations. Go Bucks! Gotta have my scarlet & gray yarn.

Here is Annie, my little camera ham!

Here is Moonie's new favorite place to lounge, in the shoe crate by the front door.

This one, just because it looks like the loveseat was eating Katie.

Here is Moonie sharing Butter's bed, to Butter's displeasure.

Here is Vinny, sleeping peacefully on the couch cushion he tipped down.

And finally here is a FO!

Here are my fingerless gloves. These I made ribbed all the way to the fingers. They fit much better than the first pair. And these colors match the sock Juju made me! These will come in handy this winter at work. See, our office is in a warehouse, and where I sit is in a corner with one wall to the dock (that's not heated) and an outside wall. I have froze my butt off in that corner for the past 4 years.

I guess it's time for bed. Night!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A very bad day

Have you ever had a day where you wished that you could turn back time to fix soemthing? Well for me, that day is today. As I was leaving to drop the girls to mom and go to work, I had a car accident. I stopped at the stop sign a block from my house, I waited for passing traffic, and proceed to cross the intersection. The "person" (I say person, because that's as nice as I feel at the moment) on the opposite side, turned left infront of me. I couldn't stop fast enough. Once I checked to make sure the kids were ok, I got out to make sure that the other person was ok. I called my mom to come get the kids, called Miss Amy to come take pics, and called the cops to report the accident. I politely asked for the her proof of insurance, and she starts cussing and yelling at me. Needless to say, she was quickly told off. When the cop showed up, she had walked off to her apartment, and the cop had to go find her. Once he brings her back, she proceeds to lie to him about what happened, and can't show proof of valid insurance, the card she showed was expired. In the cops own words, "the card she showed me is expired. She is looking for a current one. But, I don't know if she has any." Great!

Well, I just talked to her insurance company, and told them what happened. Now it's the wait and see game. My stomach is so upset and my shoulder hurts from where the seat belt jerked me back. I only hope that I'll be able to knit later, because that's the only thing that might keep me calm. And here's another kicker. I paid for my car outright. I own it. And because I own it and can't afford much, I was carrying liablity until I could afford full coverage. If they decide that no one is at fault, I won't get my car fixed. I'll have to pay for the repairs to my car out of my own pocket. If they find her at fault, which she is, her insurance should pay for it, I hope. Because I can't afford to get my car fixed. Granted, it's not much damage. But, the whole bumper and hood will need to be replaced, and that means I'm looking about $2500 that I don't have, and won't anytime soon. So, all I can do is sit, and wait. I hope my day gets better.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I slack, yet again!

I really am such a slacker. I still need to take pic of everything Alejandra sent to me, and the second pair of fingerless gloves I just finished today. It has been so nice here lately. So cool. I have started working on my Rogue again. Since the weather is cooling off and approaching sweater weather, I figured I might as well finish it. Now, if I could just get motivated enough to drop a few pounds and fit back into my jeans, I'll be good. Anyway, I'll try to have pics soon. Later.