Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I have returned from my (mis)adventures in the dungeon!

Wow! That was long week. And in that time I have wrestled with a dragon of a trundle drawer, got lost in a book (or two), made several gallons of chilli, rearranged my point of view, and slept like Sleeping Beauty. Let me explain.

Toward the end of the week I was still in my funk. On Thursday, we got to bring home a couple of new (and I mean brand-spankin'-new, still in the plastic in the box new) recliners that the owner didn't want after they got them home.

Friday night, as I left mom's, I noticed a book she just finished and barrowed it. When I got home, I sat myself down in my new chair and started the scarf for mom's christmas gift and the sock for Alejandra.On Saturday, I happily read my book as I cooked a triple batch of chilli for Miss Amy.

On Sunday, I stayed in my chair to finish the book I barrowed from mom, and when I was finished to took a much needed nap, 'cause I slept for about 4 hours. That evening, I decided that I wanted to work on my Candle Flame shawl, but couldn't find it. Here is where the quest begins. Katie and I searched high and low. No sign of the Candle Flame shawl.

On Monday, as I sat at my desk, I contemplated my room, otherwise known as "The Dungeon", and how to rearrange my view of my little corner of the world. Now, in the old house, I had a small bedroom (granted it was the same size as the room the girls shared) and somewhat spacious living room. In the new house, my bed room is the finished family room in the basement (with it's own full bath, which I love) and is the size of both the livingroom and bedroom of the old house put together. As it is large, I have my bedroom and living room furniture set up, and I had it arranged into the two serperate areas. This is where it gets messy. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that that shawl was somewhere in The Dungeon. The question was "where"? So, Miss Amy agreed to help me rearrange and locate the missing shawl. An hour and a half into a two and half hour job, I finally located my Candle Flame. Where was it, you ask? Why, it was behind a speaker, which was under a kitchen chair, that was in the corner of the room, piled high with 3 baskets of my clean laundry, as I didn't have enough storage for all my clothes. And I have a lot of clothes, it's just that my arse is too fat to fit in them right at the moment. Anyway, by the end of the night, every stick of furniture had been reallocated, and every single inch of carpet had been vaccumed. But I still had a mountain of clothes everywhere that needed to have a new home. Also, in that process, I found another of the books I barrowed from mom, and later fell head first into it.

Now, where does the "dragon" come in, you wonder? Well, that was last nights adventure. See, my mom had a white trundle drawer that went with a twin sleigh bed that I got for her spare room. She didn't want it, and had no use for it. I had the bright idea (and I don't mean that sarcastically) to use it myself. I mean, come on. It's a drawer the size of a twin bed, with 3 sections and really nice casters. Can we say storage space for all those clothes that I will fit back into? (Really. If I would just make sure I did my 20 minute workout 3 x's a week, like I should, I'd be back in those clothes within a couple of months.) But, back to the "dragon". I barrowed mom's power screw driver, the one with all the fancy attachments and lights, and went home with the intent to get it "popped" together, and be done with it. Yeah, right! First off, mom didn't charge the screw driver. So, I let it charge for a little while and got to work. Needless to say, it was more than a little on the dead side, so it didn't last long, and I frequently had to stop and set it up to charge for a short time so I could continue. So, (and here is a nice Spongebob reference for you, Amy) two and a half hours later, I finally had the thing put together and ready to slide under the bed. I stood it on end, slide across the floor to the far side of the bed (near the working fireplace) and angled it to slide it under the bed. Now, here is where things go slightly askew. I was too close to the fireplace and the bed to lever it down enough to get the wheels under it. I was also stuck in the position of the drawer resting on my legs, with the back edge of the drawer wedged into the pile of the carpet, not budging. About that time, Annie came down to ask me a question. I had her go up and get Amy, and had Amy pull the bed about 6 inches further away from me so I could drop the drawer low enough. It wouldn't really have been a problem, but the bed frame is the antique bed frame from my grandfather who past away when I was in high school. If it had been anyother bed frame, I would have just shoved it over with the drawer.

So, now that I have been long winded, I'll drop off of here and prepare to leave work, go to mom's, sit and have a beer with dad, chit chat with Grandma (who just got out of the hospital today after getting over pnuemonia) and then go home, put away clothes and watch Top Model.



lexa said...

Quite the adventures! Your closet sounds like mine - I must have 10 pairs of jeans I "outgrew". I really kick myself because after I had my second one (almost 4) I could get back into my relaxed fit jeans two weeks later. I'm probably 40lbs heavier than I was after I had him! Grrr! No one's fault but my own, I have no will power.

Heatherly said...

storing clothes? ha! it should be for yarn!

Anonymous said...

oh! untill our most recent move, my closet and dresser consisted of a few bright blue milkcrates, and now i have graduated to a free standing real closet! (it's full of yarn, my clothes are on the floor, who am i kidding?)