Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bouncing back (picture heavy post)

I think I am finally back. After what seemed like an endless string of illnesses, and (on Christmas eve, of all days) I developed an abcessed tooth. After a week of antibiotics, I had to have oral surgery to have it removed. And as my luck would have it, it involved 2 of my 3 worst fears, a dentist and needles. The third fear is spiders, just incase you're wondering. In the mean time, I have been able to do some knitting beyond my Christmas knitting. Here is what I have gotten done since then:

First up is my Holiday Candy Cane socks:

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss
Pattern: Knit Picks Holiday Pattern
Started: Dec. 17th, 2007
Finished: Dec. 31st, 2007
Made for: Me

I love this yarn. Must. Order. More.

Up next is a pair of ribby socks made for Annie:

Yarn: Regia Stretch
Pattern: my own
Started: Jan. 4th, 2008
Finished: Jan. 6th, 2008

I started these just before going in for my oral surgery, and worked on the first sock while in the chair, waiting for my mouth to become numb. The dentist was absolutely enthralled with them. He asked me tons of questions, called all the dental assistants over to look at it, and check to see how far I had gotten each time he came over to inject me with more pain killer. I just surprised I was able to knit about half of the sock, including turning the heel, while I was shaking so bad. And, as he worked on me, he told me that he has an elderly neighbor that knits socks for him all the time, and how much he loves them. And thanked me for bringing mine with me to work on.

Up next is one of many forth coming instant gratification projects:

My best friend PJ is expecting a baby at the end of May. This is such a joyous event. It took her over two years to get pregnant with her child, and he is now 10. She tried for so many years after, and had finally resigned herself to not having any more. Now she is so happy! She goes for her ultrasound next week, and they are going to see if they tell what she is having. She really wants a girl. She really needs a girl to spoil, since she has been spoiling my girls over the past 13 years. And I really want her to have a girl, because, let's face it, there is only so much that I can knit for a boy. lol. So, until she can find out, I'll satisfy myself with knitting bibs and burb rags from Mason-Dixon Knitting, in neutral baby colors. The one above is the first one. The second one that I am working on is below.

Such cute colors, huh?

Here are a few pics from Christmas morning:

Annie, opening more gifts.

Here is Katie opening one that she really wanted:

You can't really see what has caused the excited expression, but it's a skate board. Like mother, like daughter.

Here is some of the things I knitted for Christmas gifts:

A pair of cabled fingerless gloves for my niece, Jo, in Knit Picks Essentials Meteor Twist.

A pair of cabled fingerless gloves for my cousin, Josie, in Knit Picks Essentials Navy.

A pair of cabled fingerless gloves for my cousin, Savannah, in Knit Picks Essentials Petunia.

And last, but not least, a pair of Jaywalkers for my niece, Sydney, in Knit Picks Felici Atmosphere.

Even though we aren't Jewish, we still light the menorah, as we have for the past 4 years, after being given one my an old friend. Here is a pic from this past year.

Here is what I made my mom for her birthday, which was Dec. 21st:

A pair of cabled fingerless gloves in Regia.

Next up is a little stash enhancement:

Lorna's Laces in Red Rover.

For the last of today's pics, Katie wanted her hair cut, and to dye it red (she has been begging to dye her hair red for several years, I finally gave in):

It turned out really cute. She wanted something short and different. So, I thought back to some of the old girly-skater hair cuts that some of my friends and I used to have, and suggested this one. She really likes it. My mom protested, but I see it the same way I saw it back then, it's just hair, it will grow back, and it makes her happy.

Ok, I'm starting to wear down, still on the pain meds the dentist gave me. I think I'll go knit some more on that baby bib, and plan a cake to back for Annie tomorrow, since it's her birthday. She'll be 7. WOW! Where did the time go?

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lexa said...

Wow! Look at all the finished objects! I hope you are finally over all of your illnesses. That sucks, especially over Christmas.

Happy Birthday to Annie! My Oldest One turned eight on Monday, and the Littlest One turns five this coming Monday. Time flies!