Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lost: Knitting Mojo reward offered

It seems that I have not had any knitting mojo lately. It seems that when Grandma got really sick, my knitting mojo went right out the window. I finished Miss PJ's waffle socks on May 23rd, and I haven't even cast on for the next pair. What's wrong with me? Maybe it's lack of inspiration. Although I have been working on my 2nd Josephine Top here and there. But I started that on April 23rd, and I had the first one done in 3 weeks. And I bought some lovely bright red Cascade 220 for a Wool Peddler's shawl. I did get some beautiful Knit Picks Shimmer in Sherry to make a Highland Triangle shawl. And I did get some Knit Picks Bare in lace weight and some purple dye to make my Balmoral shawl. Geesh, I've been a slacker. And just when I do start to get the urge to knit again, I go and let Mr. S pamper me for my birthday, and I got my nails done. That throws a curve ball in there, considering that I haven't had my nails done in 3 years. Boy, I had better kick my knitting rear end in gear, as I have great aspirations for Christmas gifts, and I've already started 1 project. Well, Ghost Hunters is on tonight, I'll have to make sure that I have some needles in hand.

Then, to top it off, my neighbor's a/c unit has a leak, and it's leaking into my apartment. I used my carpet cleaner to suck up about 5 gallons of water out of my carpet. This, after they said they fixed the problem. So, I have to have them come back out and take a look again. Then, we are getting all types of bugs that are coming in, and since we don't have a basement, they are coming into my kitchen and living room. And I noticed a large population of spiders. I hate spiders. I just need to find the biggest can of Raid I can find, and use it.

The good thing is that Katie is almost done with softball for this season. We have 2 more regular games, and any make up games they can schedule before the play offs the 2nd weekend of July. Which is a relief, with gas prices what they are. Some of the teams we have to visit to play are 10 miles or more out in the country.

Ok, I'm off to look for sock patterns in Ravelry.


Topaz said...

I have used the diatomaceous earth for the past couple of years. Pet and kid safe and kills all the creepy crawlies. I dust it around the window sills and doors. You have to clean up the dead bugs from those spots, but better dead than crawling. The bugs have been awful outside around here for the past couple of years. The lady across the street and I had two huge spiders last year that were so big, we named the suckers (Herman and Fred).

lexa said...

That sucks about the leaky AC. Also all those bugs! Yuck! I hate spiders, especially grand-daddy long legs and the big ones we get around here in the fall that crunch when you squish 'em.