Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just another week?

Remember the damp carpet? Well, it started growing, literally. At the edge, along the base board, it started to sprout mushrooms. I thought I was seeing things last night, when I first noticed it. But no, they were mushrooms. So, there is a professional carpet company at my place, right now, cleaning the carpets. And all because the previous tennants put the wrong air filter in the furnace. It was too big, and didn't allow the a/c run off to drain properly. Now my SIL in Dayton is calling me Shrum-girl. lol. That's ok, because I'm gonna start calling her Geico, as the stupid customer service person for AT&T transferred her to Geico's customer service. Just because she didn't want to listen to his little schpell about all their service bundles. lol. What a day, huh?

Well, I'm coming along nicely on my second Josephine Top. All I have left to do is the shoulder decreases on the back, the front right side, the sleeve caps, and the trim. I really want to have it done by this weekend, but I doubt it. And the reason I want to have it done is because I have to start making costumes this weekend. The are all medieval gowns. I have 4 adult gowns, 2 child gowns, 3 adult corsages, and 2 child half bodices to make. I'll post pics as we work on them. We'll be starting on them this Saturday. I want to have them finished no later than July 12th. But since they are basic gowns, they'll be a breeze. I picked out some pretty interesting colors, too. Just wait and see.

Until later, Happy Knitting! (and sewing)

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