Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I finally have pics!

Not only did I get my camera back, but Mr. S remembered to bring me the cord. Yippee! And I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but Mr. S is a comic book artist. So, when I got my camera back, there were some of his reference shots on it. He took shots of downtown Columbus, and here are a few of my favorites.

I did take a few pics at softball practice the other night. Here is Katie getting her cleats on.

Here is Annie, while she was sitting on the bleachers. You can see from her hair that it was very, very, very windy that evening. It was so windy.... (How windy was it?) It was so windy, that I had problems knitting. The wind nearly blew my sock out of my hand.

Here is Katie, covering 1st base. Looks real enthused, huh?

But, she is doing great. The coach was impressed with her batting. Even though she hit alot of fouls ('cause she swings a little late), she hit 3 times more than the other girls. She was also one of the faster runners. I think she'll do really good with softball, and stick with it for more than one season. That's more than I can say for cheerleading.

Here is a pic of Katie that I took earlier this evening, with Mr. Vinny. She actually smiled.

And here is the first of my Clessidra socks. I am just hitting the ankle shaping.

And here is a shot of it on my leg.

Not too bad, so far. But I have been walking around sing "This is the sock that never ends." Hee hee.

Wow! I just noticed that I forgot to blog about my Harvest Sock Swap package that I got from my pal. I'll sit down and do that tomorrow night, as Mr. S is on his way over, and he's not feeling good.

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lexa said...

Cool shots from the comic book artist!

Too bad that it was so windy that it made hard to knit. The sock is looking good! Lot of knitting...