Monday, April 23, 2007

No pics today

I was hoping to have pics today, but when Mr. S brought back the camera, he forgot the USB cord at his house.

Anyway, we had a good weekend, despite the fact that I was on call this weekend and had 4 shipments to take care of, it was still a pretty good weekend. On Friday night, we just sorta vegged out and watched part of season 2 of Ghost Hunters on dvd. On Saturday, we had a small dinner party at his brother's house. It was very nice. Mr. S handled the grill, we had hambugers and BBQ chicken. And on Sunday, we went for a bike ride in the park and a drive in the country. Annie went with us for the bike ride and car ride. We have decided that until she learns to ride a bike without training wheels, she rides in her seat on the back of my bike. 'Cause she complains way too much. Then we stopped and had dinner at the Dairy Queen.

Tonight we have Katie's softball practice. It's threatening to rain on us. Part of me hopes it rains, and practice is canceled. But the other part of me wants practice, as it's the only time I can get in some serious sock knitting time, a good couple of hours worth. Oh well, maybe I'll stop and pick up the camera and snap a few shots of Katie at practice.


lexa said...

I'm soon gonna have to buy a cheap VCR. We have two, and neither one works. They've stopped showing Most Haunted on Friday nights at 9, but now they show it Sunday afternoons at 3 (plus a couple of times during the wee hours). With camping season nearing I'll have to be able to tape it and watch it at more convenient times.

Hope to see some pictures soon! Hope you get to practice so you can knit. :)

lexa said...

That would be great! I do have a dvd player. I've never seen Ghost Hunters before. I watch Ghost Trackers with the kids sometimes, and Haunted Homes. I've never come across this other show yet.