Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lots and lots of FO's

I have found the knitting mojo, again. And just to prove it:

A pair of footies made in Claudia's Handpaint in the colorway "Buckeye". I just love the way each foot came out differently.

The Specs:

Material: Claudia's Handpaint in Buckeye
Needles: US 2 Brittany DPN's.
Pattern: My own basic anklet pattern.
Started: August 19, 2006
Finished: August 24, 2006
Made for: ME!

Here are the socks that I made for Katie. A pair of Simply Lovely Lace socks.

The Specs:

Material: Knit Picks Pallete in Hycinth
Needles: US 1 Crystal Palace DPN's
Pattern: Simply Lovely Lace from IK Spring '06 issuse
Started: July 17, 2006
Finished: August 15, 2006
Made for: Katie

And finally, these! I started to make these for me, but I have small hands, and these were too big. So, they ended up going to Miss Amy, who is modeling them in the pic. They fit her... like a glove! (Sorry for the pun.)

The Specs:

Material: Lana Grossa Fun & Stripes
Color: Can't find the label to get the number.
Needles: US 1 Crystal Palace DPN's - fore which I lost one during this project & had to buy more.
Pattern: Fingerless Gloves from Not Just Socks!
Started: August 16, 2006
Finished: August 18, 2006
Made for: Started for me, ended up with Amy

And just in case you're wondering, these were taken this morning, on the side walk, just a few feet from where I twisted my ankle on Tuesday. And the neighbors were having a gargae sale (can you see where this is going?), so they asked us what were doing taking pics of our feet and hands. So, as you can see, our neighbors still question our sanity.

Oh, and if you want to see the pics of the Henna from awhile ago, you can see them here.


Sourire11 said...

Glad to hear you’ve got your knitting mojo back! All of your projects are really great…I especially like the stripy fingerless gloves!

Tammy said...

Hi - Where, oh where, did you get the Claudia Handpainted Buckeye yarn??? I love it.

Teri said...

Nice socks, Tonia! Also I really like the fingerless mitts... nice knitting!