Sunday, October 15, 2006

Picture Sunday

This has been a very busy week. The washer broke down, and cost a lot to repair. And work was a little on the stressful side. So, I have been knitting to relieve the stress. I have gotten past the 3 repeat on my CPH, but have set it aside so I can get my Harvest Sock Swap pal's sock started, and almost finished. I'm not going to post any pics until after I send it and she has received it. However, I do have some pics to post, so here we go.

Here is the 3rd Sophie bag that I made. This one I gave to Miss C at work, she absolutely adored it.

Here is the hat that I made to match my Irish Hiking Scarf. It turned out great, not too snug, but it screams pom for the top. And I hate poms, but I may have to bite the bullet on this one. Now if only I can get a chance to go hiking some time soon. Couldn't go this weekend, as Annie is horribly sick and had to stay home from school.

Here is a shot of my Central Park Hoodie, a very out dated photo. This was when I only had 2 inches of the ribbing done. I have since gotten 3" past the 4" ribbing. But it shows the Black Cherry Heather color true.

I may have a long drive to and from work, but I do get some great natural displays of beauty. Like this one:

This was the sunrise on Thursday on the way into work. And this is what I got to see on the way home:

This is one of my favorite farm houses. They worked wonders with it. It has been completely restored. I hope some day to have such a great farm house. But look at the fall leaves all around it.

And finally, inspired by this post by JessaLu. My sock yarn stash.....

I didn't think I had this much. And this is only new skeins, it doesn't include any of the left overs I have stored in a basket. In there I have Lorna's Lace, Claudia's Handpainted, Cherry Tree Hill, and Knit Picks (Memories, Pallette, self-stripping and Essentials), Trekking, Lana Grossa and Regia.

That's all for now, as I want to finish my movie "The Lady Eve" (1941; Henry Fonda & Barbara Stanwyck). And lunch is approaching, which left over homemade cheesy potato soup that I made for dinner last night. Yum!


lexa said...

Love your pictures! What a gorgeous sunrise. Love all your pretty stash yarn, too!

Micky said...

Thanks for coming out of lurking mode.
And thanks for the tips on bamboo needles.
Yummy stash!

JessaLu said...

Nice stash! :o)