Friday, June 15, 2007

Ok, I give up!

I am positive that there is a cosmic filing cabinet and it contains a huge folder that reads on the little tabby, in bold letters:

Things that only happens to Tonia

I have had my share of illnesses, viruses, common colds, migraines and what have you, for the rest of the year. I want no more illnesses for the rest of the year. All last week, I was at home with sever migraines, and a stomach virus to top it off. Then, to continue in that theme, the second day back to work this week (that being Tuesday), I fell up the stairs on the way in. In that accident, I punctured my left wrist, bent and bruised my right wrist, jammed my right should upwards, hit the steps with my right thigh, and if Miss Amy had been moving any slower in opening the door, I would have hit my head on the steel security door. These kinds of things only happen to me. Just like the weekend before I was home sick. I decided to get an account at a major video rental chain (which I shall not name, but I'm pretty sure you know who I'm talking about), and I receive a notice in the mail to return a movie that I never rented. My reaction was WTF???? I called the store to inform them that there was something wrong, and I needed to find a way to fix it. The manager took the offending articles off of my account. After I hung up, I started wondering how that could have happened, so I called back to talk to the manager. When I asked if someone else could have been using my account without my knowledge or consent, he started to get short with me. In a very snippy tone, he stated that it was an error. When I pointed out that it could've been a costly error for me, he then proceeds to say, "Well, I can investigate if further, but I would have to put them back on your account, and that might not go so well for you." At this point, the evil little b*#ch in my kicked in, and I said, "Is that a threat? Because, that sounds like a threat to me." He just went on being a jerk, and then made the mistake of asking me if there was anything else he could do. I replied, "Yeah, learn better customer service skills." And I hung up on him. At the point, I was spitting angry. I called another store and asked for the 800 # for their corporate office. I then called and filed a complaint on that manager, and the nice customer service lady called the store to make sure everything was taken off of my account. Upon hearing how the manager treated me, she acted outraged on my behalf, and said that my complaint would go to the local field investigator. As soon as I was done, I decided that I would drive right over to the store and cancel my account. And, as I pulled out of the garage, we found out that I had a flat, and those tires were less than 4 months old. So, Miss Amy handed me her keys, and I went and canceled my account. Once that was done, we took my car down to the corner gas station, and I put air in the tires and took it back to the tire shop. The had it fixed, and they tires rotated in under 20 minutes, for free.

But, I haven't forgotten to mail out the packages that need to go, it just may be another week or so, considering I missed a full week of work, unpaid. Yikes! That hurts. But, they will be going out soon. I promise.

I'll have some sock pics to post soon. As soon as I take pics of them. But, I will leave you with a pic from yesterday's lunch with Mr. S at Easton Town Center (for those of you that aren't from around these parts, that's a huge shopping center, on the scale of a small town, and it has to have it's own street maps, no kidding).

This poor guy! It was hot, and granted he was playing with the kids in the fountain, but that suit was rubberized, and I can lay odds that it was really hot. I hope he was paid a really good hourly rate.


lexa said...

I'm glad you pursued the issue with the video rental place -- there's no need of that!

That sucks about the tire, but at least it didn't cost you anything!

I know all about weeks with no pay. Last week hubby was "in the hole" cuz the dummy that does the pays missed almost $1000 of fuel from his trip back from Alberta, then she only paid him for his trip from Alberta to Quebec. She didn't pay him for the load from Quebec home cuz someone delivered it for him on Monday. Then this week there was no pay deposited. He called about it this morning. Apparently she only paid him for the trip from Quebec home, missing five container moves and five ours of shunting in the city! Grrr! They're supposed to have a cheque for him tonight for the container moves and pay him his five hours on next week's pay. And shipping costs aren't cheap! I just mailed my Dulaan knitting today, and it cost me $19.93!

Have a good weekend!

m. said...

Hey Tonia! I'm so sorry about your mishap! Please feel better soon.

Just hopeful curiosity, but is one of those packages headed my way?? From the last fall's Harvest Swap??