Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birthday Pics

Ok, so I don't normally post pics of myself because I have self image issues. Like, I need to lose about 45 lbs. But, I'll make an exception for my birthday pics, and the really great hair do that Casi did. So, below is the pic of my hair after I came back from the salon. It's in a semi-up do. It kinda reminds me of hair styles of the late 1800's. And, it lasted all day and night!

Next is a pic of me and Casi, at Easton Town Center.

Two Crazy Red Heads!

And the next one is a really good shot of the fountain on the north side of the shopping center.

And, those neon lights you see in the back ground are on the Mc Donalds. You can sorta see Ronald's big fluffy red do over the water. Hee hee!

And just so that I'm not the only making a rare appearance on the blog, here's one of Mr. S at a cook out at PJ's house.

I'll take pics of my Liberty footies tonight and post them tomorrow.

Happy Knitting!

1 comment:

lexa said...

I love your hair! Fancy!

I rarely ever have my picture taken, too, due to the fact that I could lose at least 45lbs, and also that I never take a good picture.