Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a weekend!

Well, let's start with what happened after I got off of work on Thursday, shall we? I picked up the girls and headed off for Katie's softball game. It was a home game, thankfully. And, as I watched the game, I finished the 2nd ribby footie in Lorna's Laces Liberty. I still have to take a pic of them. And, I get a call from Miss Amy. And the conversation went a little like this:

Amy: Ok, if I'm looking at the thermostat and it says 80 degrees, is that a bad thing?

Me: Is there any cold air coming out of the air vents?

Amy: No. None.

Me: Shut it off. I'll check it when I get home.

So, when I got home at 10 pm, it was hotter than all Hades in the house. First thing I did was change the air filter, and then try to get the a/c to work. No deal. So, Amy put in a call to the rental office that someone needed to come look at it on Friday. Now, mind you, I took Friday off to get things done, like renew my driver license and car tags, and a trip to the store. I finally called the rental office around noon, and she said that someone would be out that afternoon. Finally at around 2 pm, I decided that I couldn't wait any longer, as I was fearful of a long line at the DMV. I rounded the girls up and off we went. Twenty minutes later, I was finished at the DMV and on my way to the grocery store. I thought I'd call the rental office. I got voice mail, and left a message that I was on my way back to the house, so they could show up any time. While I was at the store, I figured what the hell, and picked up a bottle of pineapple rum and some orange juice. I went home, took a nap and got up in time to run Katie to her friend Taylor's house for the night. When I got home, Mr. S was waiting for me. I had to fight him to make dinner, and I already had everything waiting and ready. After dinner, I worked on trying to get him to crack on why I had to be up so early on Saturday. He didn't budge.

Saturday dawned bright and early, unfortunately. I didn't really want to be up that early. But, I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. And since he beat me to it, that delayed me getting ready. He's trying to push me out the door, but I still made sure I did my makeup and dried my hair, not knowing what he had in store for me. By the time I made it up to the kitchen, he had made me a couple of frozen waffles. I ate those in the car on the way. And, I'm actually proud of the fact that he didn't crack, like he always does, and tell me what he had planned. He took me here. He had scheduled it 2 weeks ago. He said that because he didn't really know what to get me for my birthday, he'd take care of the 2 things that I had complained about: needing a pedicure & needing my hair cut. And the main reason he chose that salon is because his good friend Casi works there. My appointment was for 9:15 am, but he had me up and out the door by 8:15 am. So, I was pampered all morning. Casi only cuts hair, so my pedicure was done first. Then I was handed over to Casi. And my hair came out looking great. She styled it for our night out, and we were on out way. From there, we went back to the house to pick up Annie, and then went to the Columbus Arts Festival at Easton Town Center. There, we roamed around a little bit, and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Which was better than I thought it would be. From there, Mr. S dropped me back off at the house to get ready. I then took Annie to the ball field, as Katie had a make up ball game, and both girls spent the night at Taylor's. After I dropped Annie off, I went and picked up Miss PJ and her husbeast (and I call him a beast because I've had to endure his practical jokes for almost 18 yrs), while Mr. S picked up Casi's husband. We all met at the Japanese Steak House (sadly, they have no web site). They seated up early, as we had reservations for 6 pm. After we were done there, we went on to Easton Town Center, and decided that we would go to The Shadowbox Cabaret instead of the movie (Casi was scared of the movie). We saw the "Best Of" show, and have agreed to go back and see The Rocky Horror Show. The show let out at 1 am. From there, we just went home and collapsed into bed.

Sunday, we got up, bright and early, again. And that was because we had to pick up the girls from Taylor's. Then, we dropped Katie back off to the house to wait for her dad to pick her up, and dropped Annie off to PJ for the day. We then headed out to Dayton, OH to the Dayton Art Institute. We went to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibit. Sunday was the last day for it. Now, I'm a huge Marilyn fan, I've seen every movie that she completed, and even out takes of the movie she was filming when she died. The exhibit was good, but I was a little disappointed with it. And, this is why: They had a one day preview of the exhibit, and my SIL happened to be there that day. In that preview, they had on display the white halter dress from the Seven Year Itch. When we finally made it to see the exhibit, there were none of her costumes, or anything of a personal nature on display. There were only photos, artists renditions, intrepretations, and sculptures on display. Granted, it was good, but a little disappointing. But, Mr. S did surprise me by buy the last 2 copies of the famous Warhol's, the red one and the blue one. He told me that he would make his mission to find all the others for me, so I'll have a complete collection. Ain't he just the sweetest? From there, we went with my SIL and my niece that joined us for the exhibit, to the Dublin Pub. If you ever make it to Dayton, stop there. They have great irish food. And then we came home and vegged for the rest of the evening.

Mr. S said that he wanted me have the best weekend possible, with as little stress as possible. And that was what I had.

Monday, on the other hand, was.... yeah. Was. That's about it. Since no one ever showed up on Friday about the a/c, I was house bound until he showed up yesterday, sometime around 1 or 2 pm. Then Katie had a game at 6 pm. They lost, but it was only by 1 point. They played a great game, and once again, Katie was hit by the ball. I have started calling her "Maggie" (short for magnet), and she's not too happy about that. After the game, the coach took the team out for ice cream, and we hung around for over an hour in the ice cream shop parking lot, just chatting. All in all, not too bad of a day.

Ok, enough rambling on. I'll post pics later.

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lexa said...

Sounds like it all turned out to be quite fun! I have no a/c, and this place gets like an oven. Today when I came home from work I took the kids right to the beach, thought it would be cooler. Hah! Not a bit. When we came home at 6:30 the thermostat in the house said 29C (84F). It's getting okay now, but it's 10pm.