Monday, July 02, 2007

New month, new week....

So, it's Monday (Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends), and it's now July. Where has the first part of the year gone? And, being that it's Monday, we have a softball game tonight. The last of the regular games. Now we just have 3 make up games (if the other teams want to play them) and tournaments. I remembered the camera, so there should be a few good pics. The only drawl back to tonight's game is that it's out in the boonies. But that's what happens when you join a rec league in the (semi) country.

Over the weekend, We decided to paint ourselves with henna. We usually do this several times a summer, but last summer we were just too busy. And, for once, I remembered a camera to take pics of what we did. Below is a pic os the Celtic Heart that we all decided to have put on our arms. In the pic you'll see Katie's, PJ's and my arms.

PJ now wants to have it done as a permanent tattoo in that spot. Annie had a small one done, too. And like the bad mother that I am, I forgot to get a pic last night. So, I'll take one tonight. In case you're wondering, she got a small kitty on inside of her arm. It was funny when we started to put in on her. She tensed up, thinking that it would hurt, and started squirming and giggling because it tickled.

I finally remembered to take a pic of my Lorna's Lace Liberty footies. Here, they are, just in time for Independence Day.

For the 4th, we'll be heading to Mr. S's moms for a cookout. I'm gonna make pizza pasta salad and an Impossible French Apple pie. We'll toss the kiddlings into the pool to keep them busy so I can knit. There is nothing better than knitting pool side on a holiday. Especially one that fall in the middle of a work week. What a better way to spend a Wednesday! Too bad I have to work the 2 days after. :(


lexa said...

Nice tatts!

Have a great holiday on Wednesday. Most places took yesterday off here where our holiday fell on Sunday. Gotta love a long weekend!

roccermom said...

whee! i love henna tattoos. I was away a *long* time, i got very sucked into working at the kiddo's school. now it's summer and time to catch up! i love how your hair looks, glad to see what an awesome b-day you had. take care!