Friday, August 03, 2007

Have you ever.....

had one of those severe ekkk moments? I had one this morning.

Just a little back ground. We (Miss Amy & I) live in a half double ranch. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths. My room is the finished family room in the basement (making a 4th bedroom), that has a fireplace and 1 of the full baths. My shower is just a shower, no tub like the 2 upstairs baths. I was kinda excited about this when we moved in, because in the old place, I had glass shower doors on the tub, and I finally got to buy a pretty shower curtain, after 8 years. So, I went and bought one that was a dark taupe color with purplish flowers on it, and a frosted liner. I even bought the matching soap dish, liquid soap dispenser, tooth brush holder and trash can, and coordinating towel colors. Also, I have severe arachnophobia.

Now, for the ekkk moment. I got up and headed for the shower this morning, just like every morning. And after I made sure my hair was completely wet for shampooing, I opened my eyes and looked to my right. To my utter horror, I see between the liner and shower curtain, a spider about the size of a quarter (legs not included). I suppressed the urge to scream like a little girl, and (at the same time) pulled the cover off of the drain in the center of the shower floor, and removed the shower head from the holder to wash the sucker down the drain. I gave him a few minutes to find his way out from between the curtain and liner, and find his way to certain doom. When it looked like he was hopelessly lost, I continued my shower, keeping an eye on him the whole time. When I was finished, I wrapped the shower curtain around it's self, so that there was no threat of him crawling out onto me while I dried off. So, this evening, when Mr. S arrives, I'll make him search the curtain for the nasty little bugger. Normally, I'm not one to panic. Give me a kitchen fire or severely injured person, and I'm all action, no problems. But, let a spider wonder into my morning shower, and you'll see a serious pause. And I seem to sense them, kinda like a cat. You know what I'm talking about. Your cat can be curled up next to you on the couch, taking a cat nap, and suddenly, it'll open it's eyes, turn it's head and stare at a spot in the ceiling. And you just know it's a spider. I do the same thing, and it annoys Mr. S, 'cause he knows he has to stop what he's doing and kill it. I guess that cat-sense goes along with the cat-like reflexes. Maybe that explains why I have the irresistible urge to play with yarn. Hee hee!

I have made more progress on Josephine, but no pics today. I have gotten about another 3" added since the last pic. I'll take more soon. And, I am still loving this pattern. The rib and textured lace patterns are easily memorized, I don't have to keep looking at the chart to see where I'm at. I added the 4th ball of yarn at lunch yesterday, and I'm more than half way through the 4th repeat. I am going to make it a tad longer than the pattern calls for, and I made sure I had plenty of yarn, I only needed about 9 balls, but I bought 10 to make sure.

This weekend we are going out of town. It's time for the annual Great Lakes Medieval Faire, and we are headed up for the weekend. This is one of our favorites to visit. We always get a hotel room (preferrably at the hotel with the indoor pool) and stay overnight. Mr. S has never been to this one. I've been going to this one since I was pregnant with Annie. When Katie was about 8, we were heading east on I 90 along Lake Erie, Katie looked at the lake and asked, "Hey, mommy? What's over there?" Me being the smart a$$ that I am, said, "Canada!" She thought it was the greatest thing. But, we always have a blast, the food and ale is good, the shops nice, and the shows are great. I'm sure I'll have plenty of pics to share. Especially since Mr. S insists on wearing his kilt.

So, till next week, Happy Knitting!

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lexa said...

I hate spiders with a passion! There was one in my tub a few weeks ago, not as big as yours, but still kinda big. I squished him good and flat before I got in to have my bath. I'll never forget one time when I was like 19,20, I put on a jacket and felt something inside the sleeve when I put it on. I pulled it out in my hand, and it was a big, black spider! I threw it and hopped up and down on it. I normally make T do the killing unless I have no choice.

Have a fun weekend! I'm feeling the pressure now that I'm leaving Monday. Do I have this done, do I have that done, what do I need to take, what knitting do I take, does everyone have their prescriptions... I have a list that keeps growing! I mark one thing off, and something else pops up that needs to be added.