Monday, April 14, 2008

Back in the land of the living!

Well, I have made through the move alive. It went somewhat well. With it snowing horribly, the tempratures dropping to about 5 degrees. Then, I had to throw out over half of what I had stored in the garage of the old apartment, as rat had made himself a nice home in most of my boxes. And if I could've cornered him and killed him myself, I would have, especially since he chewed away half of a leg on my sewing cabinet. I still haven't unpacked everything, but atleast we can now see the floor. The rooms that are settled so far are the girls' room, living room, and both bathrooms. My room, the kitchen and the laundry room are still works in progress. And, I was finally able to sit down and knit last week, after almost 2 months I was afraid that I had forgotten. This place is so much smaller than my last couple of places, it hard to find room for everything.

I'll have pics and more of an update later. Happy Monday!

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lexa said...

Glad you got moved okay and are settling in. It's always a pain, moving, but once you settle in it'll be nice. (And you can get back to knitting!)