Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well, today is only Tuesday but it's already been a very interesting week. So far Mr. S has had to have surgery, Grandma is back in the hospital, received a call from England on my cell phone, I have started another Josephine Top (well, I started that on Wednesday), have become a legal dective of sorts (if anyone knows about Kentucky estate & probate laws, let me know, I have a few questions for you), was rained out of last night's softball practice, was snowed on over night and have seen that my Valentine Lace Sock pattern is doing pretty good on Ravelry (please remember, if you'd like a copy of the pdf, e-mail me and I will send it to you).

Ok, to expand a little more. I decided that I wanted another Josephine Top, as it's starting to warm up and I need more nice tops to wear. I wanted navy blue for this one, but they didn't have that color at the store I was at, and I wanted to start one right away, so I had to settle for black. It'll look nice, and it'll go with everything. I didn't have too much time to work on it over the weekend, but with softball practice and sitting in the hospital waiting room, I have 2 repeats of 6 done on the bottom. This one seems to be going a little quicker than the last one did. I'll take pics of it tonight to share.

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lexa said...

Sounds like interesting times! Glad the pattern is doing well. I'll have to get you to e-mail it to me (darganknits at hotmail dot com) cuz I don't do Ravelry. Not yet, anyways.

I'm fighting with the mini lab today. I'm soon wheeling it out the door and dumping it in the river. Plus I changed all the chemicals this morning. One is a new kind, and I think something got mixed up or contamined. The test print that keeps jamming isn't the color it should be.... GR!