Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lessons I have learned

Otherwise know as, things not to do. As I said in the last post, I have picked back up my CPH while waiting for the last hank of red for my WPS. Having left the project to languish for 2 years, and seperating the project from the instructions that have my hand written notes on them have taught me a very big lesson. And that lesson would be, DON'T LEAVE A PROJECT TO LAY FOR 2 FLIPPIN' YEARS!!!! But, I have to laugh at myself. It is sorta, kinda funny. Thank the Heavens that my alterations to the pattern were small and easy to figure out. And, if I keep working at this rate, I just may have it finished by the time my red yarns arrives. Maybe if I do get it finished, and have time, I may just finish the sleeves for my Rogue, another project that has languished for 2 years, or more. Although, I do have 1 baby blanket that I need to knit, and 2 afghans to work on for Christmas. Who know what mood will strick, if and when I finish my CPH.

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lexa said...

LOL! The poor, languishing projects! I don't think I've got anything that's been around that long any more. I have some stuff that really needs to be finished, though. Just not in the mood right now to work on them. I really need to start an afghan that I plan to give this Christmas, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't turn into next Christmas! I think several pairs of felted clogs are on the list this year, and I vow here and now to start them at least by September! (You've got that in writing!)