Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A case of just my luck, and a busy week ahead

It never fails. Yesterday I visited the LYS to see if they had my ball of red, and it wasn't in. Well, this morning I was washing my hands after eating a doughnut, and my back pocket started singing. It was the LYS to tell me that my yarn arrived this morning. See? Just my luck. So, I'll be running back up there this afternoon for lunch, to fetch my ball of yarn. In the mean time, I re-started the sleeves for my poor, lingering Rogue. I didn't get too far last night, but I'm going to finish them before finishing my Wool Peddlar's Shawl.

The rest of my busy week will be in an impromptu trip to Dayton this evening, and then packing for camping this weekend, more on that in a minute. Why the trip to Dayton, you may ask? Well, it's because I have a chance to get my hot little hands on a very sought after book. My SIL has graciously found a copy of Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting that I can barrow. Therefore, I think a trip to Dayton is a small price to pay to get my hands on a book that is currently selling for more that $260. Then, Shawn will have his long awaited St. Enda pullover.

As for the camping trip, I can't wait. I love to go camping. I have taken Friday off so I can grocery shop in the morning, and go in the afternoon to set up camp. Shawn was surprised that he found a woman that comes complete with all of her own camping gear. I have been equipped for years. I have 3 different sizes of tents, coolers in abundance, old cook wear set aside just for camping, an air mattress (which I will be buying another this week), but I have to replace my sleeping bags, they were a little on the old side, like almost as old as Katie. We're not going far, we're just going to Deer Creek State Park, but, it's camping. Woo-Hoo! Miss PJ and the boys might going along as well. I'll try to remember my camera, so I can share pics.

Anywho! Lunch is quickly approaching, and I have to run. Happy Knitting!

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lexa said...

Have fun camping! We're going this weekend, too.