Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Pleasures of Children!

Small children with big imaginations are very amusing. First, Annie decided that she wanted to be a magician. So, here we have:

Annie the Great

A few days and a pair of swim goggles later, and she is now Willy Wonka.

Scary how she resembles Johnny Depp, huh? All we lacked was the purple rubber gloves.

And, unfortunely, I have no new pics of Katie to post, as she is of the age to run from cameras. But, the thought of doing something embarassing now, and the threat of mom showing future boyfriends said pics, has her running like no tomorrow. Eventually, Annie will feel the same way.

My sock obession has moved on. I am currently working on a pair in Sockotta, in a very lovely blue, green and purple colorway. I finished a whole sock, ends weaved in and all, just to realize they were just a little too snug, even on Katie. So, it was frogged, and a new sock started. And, comparing progress with Miss Amy, she looks at me to say, "Why is it that you say that you re-started your sock last night, and you're to the heel already? And I say that I worked on mine for a few hours, and I am just finishing the 1 1/2" rib?" I dunno. Anyway, socks pics tomorrow, as I seem to have forgotten my USB cord, yet again.

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Wendy said...

I too am on socks. Something fun about them, even when you have to frog.

Thanks for stopping in, and commenting. Seems to me that somehow I've been on your site before. The knitting blog sphere is pretty big, yet somehow, they're all connected.