Thursday, January 05, 2006

So, I slacked!

It has been the week from hell! Between the computer issues, kid issues and nasty neighbor issuses, I am ready for my padded cell. Come haul me away, boys!

I did manage to finish my Irish Hiking Scarf. See:

And I have managed to finish the house socks.

Socks pic, with cat. As you know, cats love photo ops.

As for my nasty neighbor situation. As far as my landlord and I can figure, she has rented the upstairs apartment to an alleged drug dealer/pimp and his hoes. What lovely news, huh? So, there has been battles to keep the security door locked, the gates closed, people out of my designated parking space, and loud noise issues. Just what a single mother needs to deal with, eh? Due to some self-restant and no access to a deadly weapon, I have been able to keep myself out of jail, thus far. Then I find where the idiot has hit my car with his van door on several occasions. The new car I just bought in June. Thus, this pic:
Can you guess what color his van is? Soon, I'll have pics of my car color on his van.

Needless to say, I am quickly becoming the irrate neighbor from Hell! The funny thing is, I wasn't the first person to call the landlord. The lady who owns the building next door, and who lives there was. When my landlord called me, I just confirmed her fears. And added to it a puddle in the middle of my kitchen floor, a fallen gutter, and the rest of the above mentioned problems. She now calls me daily to see what else has happened. Cranberry and Amaretto, here I come.

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