Monday, January 16, 2006

Still recovering!

I was unable to post last week, as I was on my couch very, very sick. It was a combination flu/stomach virus with a sinus infection. And to top it off, my body wouldn't run a fever, so I developed a fever blister on my lip instead. And since the girls were at home with me, and causing all kinds of aggrevations, I decided they needed to watch the James Bond marathon on AMC. Needless to says, I am missing my couch very much, as I still don't feel too well today.

I have finally got the energy to hook up the dvd recorder Miss Tammi got me for Christmas, and quickly figured out how to set it to record Knitty Gritty on DIY. That way I can catch the episodes that I missed.

Also, last Monday, Annie turned 5. We had a cake and ice cream party, and then it was off to the mall to Build A Bear. She almost got a pink poodle, but the black and white collie won out. That, and it helped that she already had a puppy to carry around. I forgot the USB cord, so I'll have pic spam tomorrow.

Next week, it's a week off again. It's my one week a year of voluntary, unpaid, vacation. I'll usr that to clean for Katie's birthday party, since she wants a tea party. And to knit, of course.

And, over the weekend, Miss Amy and I looked at an apartment that we may rent and share. It's large enough and puts the girls in better schools. Plus, I get a bigger bedroom, with a fireplace. After 8 years in the same tiny apartment, I think it's time for a change. If we don't get it, I'll take that as a sign I need to stay where I am, and wait a few more years for a bigger, better place. We'll just have to wait and see.


I almost forgot to add this: The Greatest Blonde Joke Ever

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