Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back from the edge of the blogosphere

What a busy week! I did get my car back from the body shop of Friday. My baby looks pretty, new and shiny. They detailed inside and out. I still have to take an "after" pic. But you can't tell that my car was ever in an accident. Then, after I got my car back, Amy and I hit the Applebee's for happy hour. And it must have been family night because we ran into one of aunts, her husband and my cousin who was up visiting. Then, as we take our seats we run into family of Amy's ex, and as we were leaving we run into Amy's cousin. Applebee's had a very busy night. Over the weekend, I stay in my dungeon (bedroom) and watched movies. The kids were camping with mom all weekend. Then, Monday I got bored, made a trip to Michael's at lunch and bought a few things. Those few things were some pre-cut dow rods, little brass hooks and a couple of wooden car wheels. See:

I know, kinda bad pic. Then I sat at my desk and made this:

A drop spindle! And I bought the cute little wood tray next to it, now I need to figure out what color to paint it. But back to the spindle. Once I had that, then came the next logical step, a trip to the LYS for some roving and a quick lesson on how to use it. I'm still not doing well, but I'll eventually get the hang of it. Now that I have decided that I love to spin, will be the next logical step, a wheel. I took some time while I was bored at work to do a little research (in the sparadic times the wireless router was up). I have decided come income tax time, when I buy myself 1 very expensive item that I really, really want, I'll be buying a Ashford Traveler. Granted I really want the Elizabeth or the Traditional, I'll start with the Traveler and work my way up to the others a few years down the road. And I thought it was so cute that the roving I bought had the names of the sheep it came off of, on the tag. And here is the beginning of my first attempt:

I have more pics to show, but America's Next Top Model is on, and it's the 2 hour season starter.



Ashley said...

I bought the traditional. The Elizabeth are gorgeous though and that's what I'd really love. You know, after learning to spin on a drop spindle I didn't have any trouble with my traditional. In fact, I wanted the traditional, because I didn't want to grow out of a beginner wheel. Something to think about.

Isn't spinning great? Looks good so far, and you picked such a pretty color of roving.

Cortney said...

Which LYS did you buy your roving at? I haven't really found a good source here in Columbus yet, though I've seen some at both Heavenly Creations and The Yarn Shop. I'm seriously coveting a wheel also. I'm dropping major hints to the hubby since we have an anniversary coming up.

Also, are you having any trouble keeping your spindle turning? Mine keeps untwisting because I can't draft fast enough, so I'm having to "park and draft."