Friday, September 22, 2006

We temporarily interrupt this blog....

due to illness. It seems as if I was struck down overnight. Since I had a 10:30 doctor's appointment for my shoulder (from the accident), I had her look at me for this sudden cold. Turns out that I have a very bad sinus infections. I am now on antibiotics and cough syrup. When I got back to the office, I did what I could concentrate on, and then fell asleep sitting up right in my chair. My boss (who so graciously brought his germs into the office earlier this week), looked at me and told me to go home. I have been in bed ever since. I want to sleep, but my head hurts so bad that I can't. So, I will take a few minutes to answer some comments from the past couple of days.

Ashley writes:
I bought the traditional. The Elizabeth are gorgeous though and that's what I'd really love. You know, after learning to spin on a drop spindle I didn't have any trouble with my traditional. In fact, I wanted the traditional, because I didn't want to grow out of a beginner wheel. Something to think about.Isn't spinning great? Looks good so far, and you picked such a pretty color of roving.

Thanks for the advise, Ashley. I have really been going back and forth on which wheel to buy when the time comes.

Cortney writes:
Which LYS did you buy your roving at? I haven't really found a good source here in Columbus yet, though I've seen some at both Heavenly Creations and The Yarn Shop. I'm seriously coveting a wheel also. I'm dropping major hints to the hubby since we have an anniversary coming up.Also, are you having any trouble keeping your spindle turning? Mine keeps untwisting because I can't draft fast enough, so I'm having to "park and draft."

I did get this roving at Heavenly Creations. I haven't been to The Yarn Shop, yet. But The Knitter's Mercantile did have a few small sample bags of pre-dyed roving from Ciber Moon out of Utica, OH. I have the same problem with trying to keep it turning in the right direction. I have to "park and draft" too. Although the girl who showed me how to use it did say that she had to do the same thing in the begining. So, I guess it's par for the course.

Ok, I'm going to try to sleep now, if I can, since the girls are watching the Fantastic Four in my room. I'll bog when I feel better.


alejandra said...

Oh Tonia, how bad, I hope you get well soon!!!

lexa said...

Get well soon! I'm just getting over a bad cold. Thought for sure it would come back worse than ever after sitting in the dampness, drizzle, and rain for 8 hours at the Rolling Stones concert last night. So far so good, hasn't seemed to come back! (It was worth it if it does anyways!)