Thursday, September 07, 2006

A shiny happy moment (warning: picture heavy)

Welcome to the Cosmic Karma Smack Court! (sound People's Court theme music here)

I have heard from her insurance company. They find her at fault, despite the fact that the cop didn't. However, they only find her 75% at fault, and so they are only going to pay for 75% of the car repair, rental car fee and cost to replace the child safety seat for Annie. And to continue the saga, my shoulder has gotten worse, and I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Her insurance company wasn't too happy to hear that. But oh well. They say that I was 25% at fault for not making sure their customer wasn't going to do what she did. Like I can channel Miss Cleo from behind bars, huh? Well, as far as the damages go, there is about $2400.00 worth of damage to my car, and here is what it looked like right after the accident:

Not bad for hitting a pick up truck, huh? You can still see the dew on my hood. Well, if this is $2400.00, then I wonder how much this would be:

But, anywho! I drop my car off on Monday, and it will take 6 business days to repair. And now on to better things.

And thanks to Maggie and Ginny for commenting on my accident. Atleast I'm not the only one that's outraged by the lack justice by the attending police officer.

Here are the belated pics of the goodies that Alejandra sent to me.

Here is everything as it was in the box.

Here are 4 skeins of Angora Soft yarn in a very light grey. It feels so yummy!

Here is a cross stitched book mark for when I read. This pic doesn't do it justice. It's white, not cream as it looks, and the design is done in blues.

Here are some delicous teas.

Here are some scrumptious chocolates. There were 6, but I ate one as soon as I opened them.

This pic is very blurry. But it's a great lip balm that's made in Paris.

And here are 2 post cards for my collection from Buenos Aires where Alejandra lives. I scanned them to show them better, but blogger won't let me upload them. Argentina is a beautiful place that I would love to visit some day. Thank you so much, Alejandra! You are a great Secret Pal. I'll be making you a pair of socks and sending them to you soon.

And for more goodies. Today I got my Summer Sock Party package. My party pal was Juju, and here is what was in the box:

She made me the Broad Ripple sock from Knitty. It fits me perfectly! And look at the goregous tin. It's a Singer tin that I had looked at many, many times in the sewing store but never bought. I love it. Sitting on top of it is a blueberry candle, a scissor fob and stitch markers. The envelope has a card in it that has a pattern for a winter poncho on it. And in the letter Juju tells me that she used to live in Miami and the color of the sock reminds her of that area. The blueberry candle is "all Maine", she says, as she has tons of blueberries growing in her back yard. I love blueberries, especially when they are fresh. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had them growing in my back yard. The scissor fob is so cute. It matches the sock colors with green and blue flowers and leaves. And the stitch markers match the fob. Oh, and the yarn. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's Lana Grossa, right? I love Lana Grossa, it makes such comfortable socks. Thanks Juju!

And just to share a few other pics on my camera:

Here is my Moon Flower plant, just outside our front door. These blooms are huge, they only last one night and are about the size of a tea saucer. In the pic above of my Summer Sock Party sock is one that is opening tonight.

Here seems to be the last bloom of my poor rose bush for the season.

Here is some Lorna's Laces in OSU, made just for a shop in Dublin, OH called Temptations. Go Bucks! Gotta have my scarlet & gray yarn.

Here is Annie, my little camera ham!

Here is Moonie's new favorite place to lounge, in the shoe crate by the front door.

This one, just because it looks like the loveseat was eating Katie.

Here is Moonie sharing Butter's bed, to Butter's displeasure.

Here is Vinny, sleeping peacefully on the couch cushion he tipped down.

And finally here is a FO!

Here are my fingerless gloves. These I made ribbed all the way to the fingers. They fit much better than the first pair. And these colors match the sock Juju made me! These will come in handy this winter at work. See, our office is in a warehouse, and where I sit is in a corner with one wall to the dock (that's not heated) and an outside wall. I have froze my butt off in that corner for the past 4 years.

I guess it's time for bed. Night!


Sourire11 said...

glad to hear things are going better for you! Thanks for sharing all of the pics - this was a really fun post to read. Loved the fingerless mits btw. Very cute!

alejandra said...

Oh Tonia, how bad!!! I'm happy that you and the kids are OK. Here in Buenos Aires people drive like animals. Nice that you enjoy the presents!!

roccermom said...

oh, i gotta make me some of them there absorb all the sweat when i drive! arg! i live in terror of being the idiot driver. So sorry to hear one of my brethern (or sistern?) caused you grief!

but in other news, you cats and kids are cute.

but you knew that :)

Julie said...

Glad you liked your socks, and yes, the yarn is Lana Grosa. Sorry I forgot to put in the label. Love the fingerless mitts!