Thursday, December 28, 2006

WARNING: Post holiday, picture heavy post

Say that 3 times fast, why don't cha?

Ok, so just to prove that I still knit, and to show what took up so much of my time, here are the pics of *most* of what I made for Christmas gifts. First up is the socks:

From left to right: Nana's, Jeannine's, Cousin J's, Cousin S's and Neice J's.

Next is Mom's IHS and hat:

This is a progress pic, I still need to take a pic of it finished, and of course, that's my IHS laying (folded double) on top for scale. Mom loved it! She was so proud that I made it for her, and preened for the rest of Christmas day. And notice that I made a matched set in Ohio State colors? GO BUCKS!

And, moving on:

Here are 2 of the 3 pairs of fingerless gloves I made. The tan were for dad and the navy for Neice S. I did finish the camo ones for dad, after I burned the crap out or my hands baking cookies, so I still need to get pics of those.

And, now for a few of my favorite shots of the girls opening gifts:

Here is Katie opening the first gift at Nana's on Christmas eve. It was a waterproof watch.

Here is Annie opening her first gift at Nana's.

Here's Grandma Nana.

And blogger has decided that I have reached my limit for this post.

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