Thursday, December 28, 2006

WARNING: Post holiday, picture heavy post PART 2

Hey, alright! Blogger let me add more pics. So, this is part 2, and if you haven't seen part 1, it's below.

Here is Annie with her new Bratz doll and pony set.

And here is Annie with her new Soda Pop girl. It's the Vanilla one, incase you're wondering. She got the Cherry one on Christmas.

Here is the Christmas tree, after *Santa* visited.

Here is Annie, opening her Gameboy Advanced.

Here is Katie, after opening her Nintendo DS Lite box. And I say box. Let me explain. See, in our family, we have a long history of trick gift wrapping. It all started when my mom's brother opened all his gifts one year and re-wrapped them. My mom hid them and told him that she returned them all. Then, when he was dating his first wife, he wrapped a ring box, and then proceeded to nestle and wrap it until it was almost as big as Christmas tree. That was when I was about 9. Then, when I was 12, I over heard that my Grandma got me a 13" color tv for christmas. When we got her house Christmas Eve, I was so excited. I rushed in and started searching for it. But to no avail. Then they started handing me small packages to open, and they were filled with rocks, canning jars and old church hymnals. And after telling me that I had been bad that year (which was a crock, because I was a good kid on honor roll) and making me cry. The moved Grandma 3' tree and the tree skirt to reveal the wrapped tv. So, when I say she opened the box, this is what she found in it:

It's a trashy novel.

I can't remember what Annie had just opened, but she sure was excited about it.

Here is where Katie opened the socks that Annie got for her.

One last pic, I promise.

And here is where Mr. Vincent decided to join the fun. Every time I get a new cat, I always worry that as soon as I put up the tree, the new cat will destroy it. I have been very lucky on the account, as none of my cats have ever touched the tree (but they have always sat under it) until this year. Now, mind you, this isn't his first Christmas, but as I sat infront of the tree, handing out gifts, he walked up and did one of those causal cat yawn things. You know, where he yawned as he leaned toward the tree, so there just happened to be a few fake needles in his mouth. And that being the case, he just had to chew on them. Until I yelled at him, and then he went to sit under the tree.

Ok, I've bored you long enough. Later.

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lexa said...

Everyone sure received some nice, hand-made gifts! Looks like everyone had a good time as well.

One of my ex-boyfriends gave me a Gameboy when they first came out (like early 90s). His brother did this same thing to his girlfriend -- they wrapped our games and made us open them first. The boxes were empty. The last box opened was the Gameboy in a case that held four games, and, of course, that's where the games were!

Have a Happy New Year!