Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another mess up & ROAD TRIP!!!!!

So, I sat down and happily started the sleeves for my Rogue, again. In between rows, Annie roped me into playing Super Mario Bros. 3 with her. I got past the 14 rows for the hem facing, and 35 rows into the pattern chart, when I saw it. Yes. At about row 15, I made a glaring mistake. I crossed the purl stitches over the knit stitches in the cable. My mom thought that I had to frog the sleeve back to the mistake. Uh-uh! Not again. So, I did the next logical thing. I slipped only the pattern section back to the mistake. Thank goodness I had a glass of wine handy for this crisis. It wasn't a pretty scene. And I have pictures to prove it. See:

You can see the tangled mess that was the patterned section, and the half a glass of wine. You can also see how by the orange on the chart how far I was on the chart. And just above the pink sticky note is where I made the boo boo. I think it only took me about 30 minutes to fix it. And this sleeve looks much better than first sleeves I made. See:

Mr. Vinny is by no means a skinny cat, especially since he's been fixed. You can judge by his pudgy butt how narrow the sleeve was when I worked it on US 7's. But, I am determined to finish this sweater, even if I have to kill someone. And thanks to Lexa and Kat for the encouragement. Now for the second half of the title.

ROAD TRIP! My cousin Becky called my mom this morning, and somewhere during the conversation, we decided to go for a visit. So, bright and early tomorrow morning, we'll be packing up and heading to West Virginia. And first order of business was to pack knitting projects. I packed my Rogue (of course) and 2 different socks that I am working on. One of the socks is the simple cable pattern that I am designing. The sock yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in Fall Foliage. The other sock that I have will be a plain vanilla sock in Lorna's Laces, color is Irving Park. And I was hoping to visit a few yarn shops while I was down there, but a quick search in the web did nothing but break my heart. According to the maps, there isn't a shop within 20 miles of where we'll be, which is near Huntington. That's just too disappointing. But, I can at least work on my genealogy while I'm there, which means toting along the laptop. So, unless I can find a wireless connection down there. I'll blog when I get back.

Oh, and here is a shameless plug. I am currently taking sign ups for a spring sock swap. So, if you are interested, either e-mail me or leave a comment with how to contact you, and I'll get you signed up. Also, we are taking a poll to see what name to use. Should it be Spring Fling Sock Swap? Or Spring Sock Hop? So far it's neck & neck. Later


lexa said...

I can't wait to see your Cherry Tree Hill socks. I think I have that colorway or one very similar. I haven't decided what to do with it yet since it's kind of a "busy" colorway. I love it, though, nice and bright!

Too bad there aren't any shops nearby while you are on your trip. At least you've got some projects to work on, though.

Does your sock swap work like the other one? I didn't do it, but you knit one sock and send it, the pattern, and remainder yarn for the person to finish the pair themselves?

Have a great trip! I'll think of you when I watch Most Haunted tonight!

Judith said...

Hi: Sorry to leave this question on your comment page, but how in the world do you get those "in progress" reports on your blog? I really want to add them to my blog (My own of course!)



lexa said...

I see those "in progress" things on blogs, too, and don't know how they do them. I'm not that savvy at stuff like that.

Hope your road trip went well! Looking forward to a report!