Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend fun!

Saturday was Katie's 12th birthday. We went to the local DQ and picked out her cake on Thursday. and here is what we picked out:

What else but Harry Potter!!!! It was a cool ice cream cake. Her best friend, Taylor, came over. After we had cake, we dropped Annie off with Auntie PJ to go shopping, and Katie, Taylor and I went to see the Epic Movie. If you like the overly silly movies that make fun of other movies, then this is your movie. I found it hilarious. No body was off limits, they cracked on everyone. And we hit a couple of yarn shops, Bath & Body Works and Barnes & Nobel. From there, we dropped Taylor off at home and went to PJ's. At PJ's, we made dinner of BBQ ribs, hot buffalo wings and mashed potatoes. We watch The Illusionist. I really like that one. I may have to go buy it. Anyway, here is my haul from yarn shopping:

I got a couple of skeins of Lorna's Laces in Mixed Berries, some Trekking XXL in color #'s 126 & 105, and 1 skein of Swizzle color #4009. I've never seen Swizzle before, so I can't wait to see how it knits up. And at Barnes & Nobles, I got a couple of books by MJD, and they were Under Cover and the 4th book in the Undead series, Undead and Unreturnable. At Bath & Body, I found the kids soaps on sale, and got some lip gloss, 3 for $15.

On Sunday, I sorta vegged and read the latest LKH book in the Merry Gentry series, Mistral's Kiss. It was good, but short. I finished it in about 9 hours. And that was about all I did.

Ok, gotta go, I'm getting distracted by Hoodwinked. Happy Knitting!

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lexa said...

Love the Harry Potter cake! Looks like it was delicious. The new yarns look yummy, too.

I really need to curb my yarn buying til I use some stash up. (I say that, and I have yarn set aside at the store for sweaters for the boys.) A friend of mine just had twin boys the other day, 7.3lbs and 7.9lbs (she's tall and skinny, can't believe they were that big), and I'd like to knit them something size 6-12months maybe. So I guess that will require buying yarn. I've got some baby yarn in the stash, but not enough for two things... I guess there's always an excuse to buy more!