Monday, January 08, 2007

Over the weekend

Well, it turns out that Friday night's Most Haunted was a new one, and I had a hard time trying to knit lace and watch it. So much so, that I had to get up early the next morning to watch the replay. (Sorry Lexa, if there was a way I could tape it for you, I would. And this Friday's is a new one, too.) After which, I had to clean, as mom and dad were supposed to come over to cake and ice cream for Annie. Annie birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I usually like to celebrate on a Saturday. So, I cleaned and baked a cake. Then cleaned some more, as this was the mess that I made decorating the cake. I would show pics of the mess and the cake, but friggin' blogger won't let me upload any. Anyway, only Mom came over. Dad is like me, a real home body. And he really doesn't like a lot of noise, and he gets bored, easy.

On knitting, I got about 3 1/2" done on my Candle Flame shawl. And I started a pair of footies in the Lorna's Laces that Katie bought me. The color way is Irving Park. We picked it out together, and I wasn't sure about it, but now that I have a good start on the first one, I'm really liking it.

Then, there was my cat, Mr. Vinny. We have found out that he like to play with Annie's china tea sets, and have his fur brushed with the My Little Pony brushes. Oh, and he likes strawberry cake with icing (he got yelled as for that one). He's a great cat, he's so much more nice that my reclusive, mean cat, Miss Moonie.

Ok, gotta go. They are showing the Ohio State Marching band in the pre-game for the Big Game, and they are doing Script Ohio. Pics tomorrow.


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lexa said...

Still no Most Haunted here! I went on the W Network web site, and according to that it's back on at 9pm this Friday, and Sunday afternoon, too. (Plus a few times in the wee hours of the morning.) Everything they're showing up to the end of next month is from seasons four and five. No new ones yet. :(

It seems like I haven't gotten much knitting done lately. Husband left today for a run to Montreal and back, then he's supposedly turning right around and leaving for Edmonton. If that's the case he'll be gone for nearly three weeks, so I should get lots done! He'll miss the Littlest One's birthday on Sunday, but that's the way it goes when you're a truck driver, I guess. He's lucky he was home for the Oldest One's last Sunday!