Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bad weather blues!

What a crazy, past couple of days. When I got up Tuesday, I was prepared for the snow. Got the kids off to mom's, and made it to work about an hour late. Then, during the day, it dropped around 4" of snow. The snow gave way to sleet. The sleet gave way to rain, that froze. Our office manager went out to her car and came back in and asked who wanted to go home. Both of my hands shot up. She said that she would let 3 of us go home. That was around 2, I normally leave at 5. I made somewhat-good time to mom's to get the girls, and I got stuck in the drive way. Since I am used to driving small cars in this weather, I started to rock the car out when mom's neighbor came over to help me. A couple of good rocks, and he helped push my little Kia right out. I got the girls loaded up, and we headed straight home, with a stop at Micky D's for Annie, as Amy was bring Chipotle home for Katie and me.

Wednesday morning dawned dark and ugly. I rolled over at 5am and turned on the local news, just to find out that they had cancelled school (for the 2nd day) and we were at a level 2 snow emergency. I called mom, and sure enough, the roads out her way were not cleared. And it looked like they weren't going to make it out that far till the afternoon. So, I was forced to call off. We sat around all day. I worked a little on cousin Becky's afghan and started my 2nd sock in my Lorna's Laces in Irving Park. I made it past the heel. For most of the evening, we watched Mythbusters. Let me tell you. That is a dream job. I would love to destroy things all day and get paid for it.

Today, it took my almost 45 minutes to clear my windshield of the 1" thick ice on it. I was about 30 minutes late for work because everyone wanted to do 10 mph on the highway. Then, I almost got stuck in the parking lot. But, I had retail therapy at lunch. Amy and I went to Knitter's Mercantile and I found 1 skein in Liberty and 2 skeings in Gray's Corner (which I didn't see on their web site, but it's pink & gray). And I got this. With the patterns in it, it was well worth the money.

Tomorrow, I am hopeing will be a normal day. Then on Saturday, I will be making a trip to Dayton. Why, you might ask? Well, let me tell you. I am going to purchase a lovely Ashford Traveler. Yes, I am taking the plunge. I am buying a wheel, and will learn how to spin. So, Saturday morning, the girls and I will be packing up and going to my SIL's house in Dayton. Then we are going to Fiberworks to get my wheel, and then back to my SIL's house for lunch and cocktails. I can't wait, I am so excited! I can't believe it's finally time to get my wheel.

Almost time to go home. Happy Knitting!

ETA: I just called the store to make sure they had my wheel in, and it wasn't on back order or anything. She said that she hoped that I would call, 'cause normally she's closed on Saturday's, but she would open just for me to get my wheel. So, we set it up to be there at 11 am. Yippee!


lexa said...

Wow, a spinning wheel! Can't wait to see it and some of your finished work!

School was cancelled here because of icy roads today. We didn't really get any snow, but the wind and rain was wild. Then through the night it got colder, so everything froze. I guess there were a lot of fender benders and cars off the road today according to the radio.

It's so weird, we seem to like so much the same. We watch Mythbusters all the time. The Oldest One loves it, and he likes How It's Made, too. One episode they showed how to make buttons, and another was how to make yarn. Quite interesting.

Hope you don't get any more snow and bad weather. I'm ready for spring.

alejandra said...

Hello Tonia!!!! Your pictures are amazing, very nice place!!! I want to ask something: do you know one blog or book that explain how to knit toe up socks with two circulars needles?? I have found some patterns, but they all are to knit with DPN's. I hope hear from you soon!!