Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weekend play

Well, I hadn't planned of doing anything this weekend, except picking up and crocheting. But, as I was cleaning yesterday morning, my Aunt Elaine called and invited us our for lunch and to the dollar movies. So, we went to Steak n' Shake for lunch, and then the dollar theater to see Unaccompanied Minors. That was a cute movie, and even Annie sat (mostly) still for it.

I have set up the blog page for the Spring Sock Hop Swap '07. Please stop by to sign up. Sign ups will be open till March 16th, and everyone is welcome.

So, I have been playing with my new camera. Have I expressed just how much I love this camera? Let me show you a few pictures:

Mr. Vinny, giving me his best evil look.

Annie, cheesing it up. She not just a ham, she's a cheesy ham.

Vinny, begging for chips. Yes, my cat begs.

Annie, with a belated Christmas gift from Auntie E.

The big dollie from the set Becky gave me. The other two are slightly smaller and cover my end tables nicely.

And finally, here is the start of my Miss July bed doll dress from the 1992 Cotillion collection.

Ok, back to my Jasmine green tea with Orange Blossom honey ('cause I'm starting to feel that old familiar sick feeling, and I want to squash while I can), and the Ghost Hunters Super Bowl Marathon. And a Ghost Hunters Marathon means that I won't move from in front of the tv all day. Especially since the next episode is where they are going to the TB hospital in Kentucky.

Happy Knitting! & Ghost Hunting!

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lexa said...

Wow -- your pictures are soooo nice! So clear and such great color!

I watched Most Haunted this afternoon. I must remember, too, that Haunted Homes should be on at ten tonight. I wish I got the marathon you're watching. This afternoon I had a quandry -- "Poltergeist" was on during MH, so I had to flick. I love that movie, seen it bunches and bunches of times. Kinda weird, too, that both daughters in the movie, "Carol Anne" and "Dana", died in real life.

Have fun watching the marathon! I will go check out the Spring Sock Hop Swap blog.