Monday, February 05, 2007

Boy, do I need to loosen up!

I've always known that my tension was tight, especially when I crochet. And for that reason, when I started working on Becky's afghans, I had to go from using a size G hook to using a size I hook. And when I started working on my bed doll dress, I used a size 6 steel, instead of a size 7. And it worked really well on the bodice. It was when I was half way done with the skirt that I realized there was a problem. But, let's have a look and see what you think:

This was after 12 rounds of treble crochet.

And where the tip of the pen is pointing is where round 12 should be. Feel free to compare where I should have been and where I actually was. Go ahead. I'll wait while you gawk and gape at, yet another, mistake. But, fear not, readers. I am not discouraged by this. I ripped it back down to round 1, and have moved up to a size 5 steel, and loosened up on the thread. Let's see where that gets me, shall we? I'll have updated pics in a few days, as that should be how long it takes me to catch up to progress I made while watching the Ghost Hunters marathon, as I worked during most of the 12 hour marathon. But I'm not bitter about it.

Don't forget that the spring Sock Hop Swap '07 is open for sign ups. Everyone is welcome. So, stop by and join in for the next round of fun. You can either e-mail me, or leave a comment with info on how I can contact you.

Happy Knitting!

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lexa said...

Boo for having to rip back! It's looking great -- I can't crochet, just a chain. Good enough for a crochet cast on, I guess.

Oooooo -- a 12 hour marathon! Fun! I'm all excited cuz I get to see MH twice a weekend now. I could see it more, but I can't stay up til 2am.

Still thinking on the sock swap. I have a bit of time yet. I'll post a link on my next post which should be tomorrow. I forgot my camera at work today. (Your pictures are so nice, btw. You really must be pleased with the new camera!)