Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just a wee bit of drama

So, I was sitting at work today when Miss Tammi called on my cell. We were chatting away when my mom beeped through. When I clicked over to talk to her, she says, "I just e-mailed you some pictures. I want to open them and look at her arms." And she sounded kind of frantic. So I asked her who's arms I was supposed to be looking at. And she tells me Annie's. I told her that I would look at it as soon as it came through and call her back. Now, the pics are on my work computer, but when I looked at them, I knew exactly what I was looking at. She was having an allergic reaction. At this point, let me give you a little back history. A little over a year ago, Annie started complaining that it really hurt when she went pee-pee in the potty. So, thinking it was a UTI, I took her to the family doctor. She sent us to Childrens' Hospital to a specialist. And the result was that she was so constipated that it caused her to have bladder spasms. He told us to give her Milk of Magnesia to fix the problem, and limit her favorite thing, dairy products. Long story short (I know, too late) she got tired of the M.O.M and my mom bought her some chocolate ExLax yesterday. She had a dose last night, and one this morning. And, as we found out, she's allergic to it. I'll post the pics soon. Not a pretty site. She had red splotches all over her arms. I had to leave work at 2 to make an appointment at 3. So, it's benadryl for the next 3 days, and back to the M.O.M. And I recognized it because I'm allergic to grilled or roasted tomatoes, and I get the same splotches, but mine itch, her's hurt.

But a few good things did come out of it. We found out that Annie's has grown 2 inches since August. I found that one of the near by Wal Mart's still had Valentine's chocolates at 75% off. I got the de-icer wind shield fluid that I have been looking for for 2 days. And I got a really cute set of 4 Irish toasting glasses for $5.

On the knitting front, I started a pair of socks for Annie on Sunday. I got the first one done on Sunday. I'm using Regia Crazy Colors that's stretchy. And I'm still practicing on the wheel. SO, right now, I'm going to kick back, take something for this headache and watch Open Season, again. And enjoy some chocolates. Later.


lexa said...

ooooo, ouch! I hope her reaction doesn't last long. Itching is bad enough, but hurting!

I check my mail pretty well every day. I'm so excited!

alejandra said...

Poor Annie!!! My Federico is mosquito-allergic and here in Buenos Aires is too hot and there are many of them here!!! He is taking Benadryl too, three times a day!!! Tonia, I will send you an email soon with an idea. Alejandra.