Monday, June 12, 2006

Catch Up Post & Summer Sock Party Info

Ok, I wasn't able to blog on Saturday when we got back. Our modem died, and we have to wait for the cable company to bring us a new one. The earliest appointment was for Thursday. So, that means no internet at home until then, everything will have to be done from work.

For the Summer Sock Party, I have started a blog page for it. You can find here. So, stop by and sign up. Sign ups will be open until June 19th.

As for my Trekking hike on Saturday. Here are a few pics:

This was how the day started, rainy!

This was just as you start down into the gorge at Old Man's Caves. We were only getting lightly sprinkled on at this point.

Here's Annie, cheesing it up. That kid has the biggest smile I have ever seen! And she is always ready for the camera.

Here is Katie and Annie, on one of the bridges at the bottom of the gorge.

Here is one of the natural features called The Devil's Bathtub.

This is the Upper Falls.

Here's Katie walking around at the Upper Falls.

Here's Annie, standing on a ledge looking out at the Upper Falls.

And here is sock #2 infront of the Upper Falls, with Katie in the back ground. I got 4 rounds done, while hiking, and those 4 rounds were so wonky, that I had to rip back and re-do them later. And, as we were walking the trail, Katie asks from behind me, "Hey mom. Did you know that you have yarn hanging out of the back pack?" I told her, yes and it was leading to the sock in my shirt pocket. The kids are obviously used to mom's insanity, because she just said ok and went on.

Later, we visited a gift shop, and this is what surprised me in a corner:

This cute kitty just lazed in it's basket, letting us pet it and purring.

Here is where we took the path down to Rock House. The girls were sharing Annie's smiley face umbrella.

And here is where Annie tripped and fell into the mud, because she didn't listen to mommy and slow down. Thank goodness it was only both hands and the left knee. It could have been alot worse.

And this was my view from inside Rock House, where I sat and worked a few of those said wonky rows. I also took my 35mm camera, but only took 15 exposures. We didn't walk the whole of Old Man's Cave to save time. We also visited Conkel's Hollow, Cantwell Cliffs as well as a gas stop in Logan. We skipped Cedar Falls, but this is what happened last year when we stopped there:

Annie was standing on a flat rock (the one under the water just behind her) and she didn't listen to mommy, and slipped and fell right in. Being that this past weekend was chilly and rainy, I figured that we could skip the trip down to the water.

And this was what was waiting for me when I got home:

Yarny goodness! It's my half of the Knit Picks order that Miss Amy and I placed last week. There is 1 ball of each Pallette in grass and hyacinth, 2 balls of Pallette in green, 1 hank of Memories on Smores and 3 hanks of the Gossamer in Leprechaun for my Candle Flame Shaw.


margene said...

I visited the Hocking Hills in 1967 (I was 17). They were so beautiful. Thanks for the memories!

Katherine said...

Great photos! Man that must have been so fun, even in the rain. It was so green and I love green, and waterfalls, and rocks, and... and... and.... LOL

lorinda said...

So much loveliness in one post, I had to go slowly for fear of being overwhelmed. Wow! Your girls are too cute (so was that black kitty). Sock party sounds fun too! Can't wait to see your finished Trekking socks.

Elisabeth said...

What a fabulous trek--everything is so green and lush. I'm impressed that you hiked in the rain!

Wool Winder said...

What a great place for a trek! Doesn't look like the wet weather slowed you down any. My trekking sock is the same colorway.