Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yipee for Secret Pals & a Contest

Hola to my Secret Pal! When I got home last night, there was box on my front porch, all the way from Argentina! I was going to do a teaser post today, as there were gifts in the box for Katie and Annie, but my mom has decided to keep them another night, and I just can't wait to post about all the good things that where in the box for me. So, I'll post about what they got after they open them. But here's what was in there for me:

Here is the box, and a tube from Brittany for the replacement US 1 DPN I broke, the first time I used it.

Here is everything that was inside the box. Neatly packaged and labeled.

Here is crocheted scarf, that is heavenly soft! And this pic does the color no justice, it's a nice burgundy.

Here is box of European Blend tea. Yummy! It's apple, chamomile, cinnamon and honey. Does my Secret Pal know me or what?

Here are some chocolates to share with the girls. If my spanish isn't too rusty, there is milk chocolate and white chocolate. Yum! Yum!

Here is a hand crocheted and beaded flower lapel pin. The color is really a pretty dusty rose color.

Here is a beautiful, painted button. Now I need to find the perfect project for this, that way it's show cased just right.

Here is a lovely hand carver, wooden pin. I can think of so many uses for it. Shaws, scarves, my hair.......

Here as absolutely delicious hank of yarn, labeled "For your favorite thing to knit". Again, this pic does not do the color justice. The colors are much deeper. And it's so soft, all I can do is hold it!

Here is lovely, hand crocheted bag for my little things. This is just so perfect, I was looking for something that I can put in my purse to hold the small things I need. That way if I don't feel like toting around my large purse, I can pick this up and go.

Here is an absolutely fabulous crochet mag in spanish. What a great way to brush up on my spanish. And some of the patterns are goregous!!!!!

Here is the gift for Annie, waiting for her to open it when she comes home tomorrow.

And finally, Katie's gift, waiting for her return. I'll post pics of what's inside as soon as they open them!!!

Ok, so all the excitement must have kicked my (as Katherine calls them) turbo jet fingers into high gear, because I made big ground last night on my Rogue. Take a peek:

See where my pen in laying? That's where I was last night when I got home. I knitted 31 rows, and attached the pocket in the process. And I guess, since my mom is keeping them for one more night, I have, yet another, night of undisturbed knitting. Woohoo! Let's see where I'm at tomorrow.

By the way. On the Summer Sock Party, I have put up a set of custom made stitch markers as a prize. For anyone who signs up by the deadline, you will be entered to win them. Check it out. And if you have already signed up, never fear, you are in the drawing.

Oh, and Muchos Gracias, My Secret Pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ariadna said...

Hola Tonia!! Qué bueno que llegó la encomienda!! The red scarf has a hole next to one of its ends, where you must put through the other end after you wrap the scarf around your neck. Espero que te te haya gustado todo lo que te mandé. Chauu!!!

Sourire11 said...

WOW! You have a wonerful secret pal!!! I love the purple yarn - can't wait to see what you make with it!