Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just another Wednesday!

I think I have used that title before, but oh well!

I forgot to tell you about something that happened on the hike Saturday. While we were at the upper falls, there was group of Minonite teenagers there as well. And as I like to make regular trips to Amish country, my girls think nothing of the way they dresses, except for Katie to ask if they are Amish or Minonite. We had decided to take the gorge trail back to the car instead of going out the way we come. As we are walking along the trail, I hear this music coming out of the gorge, and thought that surely noone had a radio down there. I stopped dead in my tracks, and shushed the girls. As I listened, I realized that what I was hearing was the Minonite girls singing just below us, and it sounded beautiful! The girls were just in awe of it.

Anyway, I made good progress on my Rogue last night. I picked up the stitches that I needed along the back of the pocket, and went from there. Here is pic of the progress:

Don't know if you can read what I put on there, but the lower mark was where I was when I started last night, picking up sts on rnd 14. And the upper mark was where I finished about 4 hrs later, 20 more rnds done. Today at lunch, after getting Rally's for lunch, because a greasy, double cheese burger and fries sounded really good, I was able to get 3 more rnds done. If I can keep up this pace, I'll have this done in no time.

As far as the rest of the day goes, I was called Miss Crabbypatty this morning. I guess that's what that monthly affliction gets you. And being that today is the 3rd day that I have walked around the office in my store bought socks, everyone has stopped looking at me funny. I am on my 2nd pop of the day, with one in the frige waiting, and this is bad y'all, 'cause I stopped drinking pop on a daily basis a while ago. I still need to find out if I get my girls back tonight, or if mom is keeping them until tomorrow. Oh, and I finally heard from my long lost best friend last night, Miss PJ. She really wasn't lost, she just works 2nd shift, and forgets to make room for plans with me on the weekends. I usually give her a good guilt trip, and that all changes for about a month.

On the way home last night, Miss Amy and I were confronted with this:

How would you like to make a pair of socks for the feet these belong to? Speaking of socks, don't forget to stop by the Summer Sock Party '06 and sign up. We would love to see your name on the sidebar.

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