Monday, June 05, 2006

Another pair of socks & some awesome sock yarn!

I liked the Simply Lovely Lace pattern so much, that I made another pair. This time in pink. Take a look:

The Specs:

Pattern: Simply Lovely Lace from IK Spring '06 issue

Yarn: Knit Picks Pallette in Petal

Needles: Started with Brittany US 1, broke one in the second sock and switched to Crystal Palace US 1.

Started: May 22, 2006

Finished: June 3, 2006

Once I got those finished, I casted on for my Trek Along With Me socks, in color # 133. I haven't taken pics of that yet, but I am almost done with the first one. So, maybe this Saturday, the girls and I will pack up and go either hiking in Hocking Hills or go for a picnic at one of the larger parks. Here is what I have done so far:

On to the awesome yarn. Now, I don't normally use the word awesome, it usually comes from Katie. However, I'll make the exception for this yarn, and here is the story that goes with it. Today for lunch, Miss Amy and I went to The Knitter's Mercantile, as I wanted to get some sock yarn to put in the box for my secret pal. Nothing seemed to really make me happy. I picked up a skein of Lana Grossa, and couple of skeins of Regia in a bright colorway to make footies for the girls.Then Amy showed me some of the Supersocke On Line yarn, and I put the Lana Grossa back. As we were heading to check out, I hear from a few isles over, "Look! It's Buckeye!" I perked up at this, and rounded the corner to see what it was. Low and Behold! It was sock yarn in the OSU Buckeye colors. Now, I am a huge OSU football fan (I don't bleed red, I bleed scarlet and gray). When I saw this yarn, my jaw hit the floor. And they are showing this yarn off, and telling us how the lovely lady that dyed had said she would make up this colorway for them. And that lovely lady would be Claudia, of Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns. One of the ladies in the store put a price sitcker on it and laid it down on the show case. Needless to say, it stayed on the showcase a whole 30 seconds, and then jumped into my arms and made itself at home with the other yarn already there. I tried to make it go back to the showcase, but it just wouldn't leave. It insisted on coming home with me. So, I had to make a choice. I put the yarn for the girls footies back (as I can get that anytime) and kept the Buckeye yarn (as it will fly out of the store in no time flat, this would be my only chance to get any). And let me just say, this was the most expensive skein of yarn I have ever bought. So, without futher ado, here is that lovely skein of "Buckeye":

And here it is, all snuggled up in my purse with all the other yarns:

By the way, this is how my purse has been looking lately, full of yarn. I can't find anything for the yarn and socks.


Ariadna said...

Hola Miss Tonia!!! How are you??? Here your Secret Pal on the web. I just want to say to you, that I will send to you one package with things from my country next week, I hope that you like it. Please,let me know your feelings and opinions about it on the blog. Bye!!!

Sourire11 said...

LOVE the buckeye yarn!!!