Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Enter a Rogue

I have sucessfully casted on for Rogue, and have managed to get 7 rows done by bedtime. And I did get another 5 rows done at lunch before I ran out of yarn, as it was the left over ball from my Celtic Cap. So, tonight, after my work out, I get to pull out the wool winder and do up a few more. But, all of this is after the 6 o'clock car appointment at the dealership. Good thing it's under warranty, besides, it's just an exhaust sheild that loose and banging on the exhaust pipe. It's more annoying than anything else.

Last night I took a few pics of the flowers in my mommy's yard. Here they are:

And, in Sandy's Knitting fashion, I was Sky Watching:

Prettyful, isn't it?

And, I just love those on line quiz things. Here is where I took it, and this is what I scored:

That about sums me up, and she is my favorite Jane Austen character.


Katherine said...

I can't wait until we get flowers around here but I did notice today that little tiny leaves have popped out on the bushes in the last two days. Pretty sky too!

Michelle said...

I think the hem/cast on was the biggest hair pulling moment for me with Rogue! Beautiful pictures btw
: )