Monday, April 03, 2006

Kitty Cat Monday

Miss Amy posted a photo of Vinny on her blog, and got a few compliments. So, she is directing them to see more here. So, here are a few that I have taken but not posted.

Here is where Vinny met Gypsy, Amy's African Grey Congo, who is hanging upside down.

Here is where he was just stalking Gypsy. After being yelled at a couple of times, he has learned to leave the inside birds alone.

Here he is laying in the middle of th kitchen floor, his favorite place when we are cooking. As, you can see, he's gotten a little pudgy since his "Little Operation" and the de-worming.

Here he is trying out Katie's invention, The Kitty Trap, for the Invention Convention. Basically, it's a modified kitty litter box.

As for his age, he will be 1 yrs old around June 15th. I'm not really sure, as he was a rescued kitty, and I got him when he was 6 weeks old. Miss Tammi rescued his brother, Mushu, who has the light Siamese coloring and long fur. Katie was visiting family in Dayton when I got him, but she is the one person that he loves the most, followed by me, then Annie, and then anyone with thumbs that can open a can.

This is my other cat, Moonie, when I was packing at the old place. Her full name is Ank-su-namun (from the movie The Mummy, you know, the evil bitch, which she can be), which is Egyptian, as I think all female cats should have Egyptian names. And here she is in the new place, down stairs, in the bathroom, in my room.

Moonie came from Amy's mom. There aren't too many pics of Moonie, as she is all black, and in the old place I had hardwood floors, she didn't show up too well in pics. But, now that we have light colored carpet again, there will be more. She is just about 5 yrs old, and suddenly become very frisky. I think the move did her some good, even though she stays down in my room, all the time.

Ok, enough Kitty fun for today.

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Sourire11 said...

Cute cats!

My dog does the same thing with lying right in the middle of the kitchen floor anytime I'm in there!