Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feline Reasoning & Some Knitting

Ok, to address the first part of today's title.

1. Feline Reasoning

My cats basically have their own room in the new house. Granted, it's the furnace room that's right off of my room, but it's still theirs, with their food and litter boxes. When we first moved it, we shut them in every day until they learned the new house. Since there is also a dog in the house now, I barrowed a baby gate from my mom. We first placed this gate leaning against the door frame for the cats to get used to it by walking under the side. On Monday, when Miss Amy and I got home from work, we heard a cat crying. As we looked, we saw Moonie sitting at the top of the stairs from my room. We searched room to room to see if Vinny had gotten locked into one of the girls' rooms. But I heard the cry coming from down in my room. I knew the door to the cat room was open and just had to go see where he was stuck. this is what I saw:

There he was, behind the gate as if there was nothing wrong. And, there was nothing wrong, see:

As you can see the door is open (and please excuse all the boxes, I use that as short term storage while I am sorting stuff in boxes). He would not jump over that gate to save his life. And I will lay money it that Moonie sat on the other side of that gate and teased him all day. See, Moonie is used to the gate, as I used to have dogs and used the gate to confine them from time to time. We even tried putting him half way over the gate and let him push his way over the rest of the way. That still did not work, because as soon as we placed him back over the gate, he stayed there. He will jump on to tables and counters, but he won't go over this gate. See:

As soon as I leaned the bottom of that gate out, he walked right out. (And, yes, that's my fat arse standing there.) Ok, so on to the second part.

2. Some Knitting

That sock I was working on, well, half way into the instep, I realized that I was 2 sts short? And that my gauge was small? Here is what it looked like, just before I frogged it:

It was a little tight, anyway. So, Monday night, I sent it to the frog pond, rewound the ball, casted on again, and made it to where I could start the heel:

This is where I was when I went to lunch, as I didn't work on it all yesterday. So, for lunch, I sat in the conference room and turned the heel. After an hour, this is where I am:

I am now 5 rnds into the instep. Not bad, huh? Guess I got my knitting mojo back. And, sorry, the pics are a little blurry.

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Katherine said...

Sorry that you had to frog but it's looking pretty darned good again! An hour to turn a heel? What, do you have turbo jet fingers? LOL