Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vocabulary Lesson

Rogue: (rog) n. 1.) a scoundrel 2.) a mischievous person 3.) a mischievous knitting project!

Ok, so last night started out ok. I was a little late getting to the dealership for my appointment, but just by a few minutes due to traffic. I go to the waiting room, the girls hit the toys, I pull out my book (Sense And Sensibility) and relax for what I was sure was a short wait. An hour and a half later, the service manager comes in to check on me, to make sure I don't need anything. I thought the wait was a little long for just a plate gaurd replacement, but before I can voice this thought, he tells me that they'll have me out by 8 o'clock, as they are replacing my whole exhaust system! In the mean time, here is what Annie did in the waiting room:

I was waiting for it to fall over. It eventually did, but much later, and it missed hitting her by inches. Anyway, around 7:45 my car was done. I had just enough time to beat it home, run down to my room and flip in Top Model. During Top Model, I balled up 4 more skeins for Rogue. After that, I went for a few snacks, as I didn't get dinner. Then, as I flipped over to Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi, I picked up Rogue, started round 12, joined a new ball, and happily finished the round. For the next round, I carefully read the pattern. I made mental notes - work row 1 of chart A (15 sts.) k 83 for front, work row 1 of chart A (15 sts.), k 83 for back. I pull out my stitch marker, purl 15 sts, place marker, knit 83 sts, place marker, purl 15 sts, place marker, knit 78 sts.... Wait, knit 78 sts? That can't be right. Ok, let's count this again. 15, 83, 15, 78. Well, count it again. 15, 83, 15, 78! One more time. 15, 83, 15, 78!!! I set it down in disgust on the couch, and went upstairs to find Miss Amy. I asked if I had cast on the 196 sts that I needed. She said yes, even watched me use stitch markers to mark them by 50's, and count them 5 times. So, where did the 5 sts go if I didn't drop them or decrease them? The Bermuda Triangle is the place I can think of. Why not? It's swallowed ships and planes for decades now, why not my missing sts? So, I stomped back down to my room, and used the ball winder to frog the precious progress that I had made. By this point, I had decided that I needed to walk away for awhile. So, upstairs I went to talk to Amy while she balled up some more yarn for her Rogue. Then, I noticed that Moonie had decided to venture up the stairs. 4th time by herself since we moved in last month. She made a small foray around, and decided to sit on the stairs and observe the rest of us lunatics. And when I sat on the steps, she made a bed out of my lap. See:

Shortly after that, I got the catnip bubbles out for Vinny. After playing on the steps for awhile (something I tell the kids they aren't allowed to do, shh), I went to bed. I figure that I'll start Rogue over again, tonight. And thanks, Michelle, for letting me know that I'm not the only one to almost go bald starting Rogue, by ripping my hair out.

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roccermom said...

that lego tower is off the hook! my kid is just this year a lego fiend. He's asking to trade in his other toys for legos. The plum tree was a mass of flowers! i should have snapped a picture. The every other year thing now explains what i thought was just random-ness on the part of my other tree. When/if this tree produces this year, i'll take a plum to a nursery to try and have it identified. The cross-polinating thing is facinating info as well, thank you!