Saturday, April 22, 2006

Finally, Knitting

I have finally started knitting again. But, it was not really by choice. Today, Miss Amy and I decided to clear out the flower beds of the creeping junipers. That was not by choice either. What started all of this was that I went out to the garage to see how many bags of clothes were still out there, because I was going to wash them up (because they has been stored too long out there). I turned and noticed that the rose bush that I had bought at WalMart was growing in the dark, so it wasn't growing green, but white. This made me decide that it needed to be planted today. In order to plant it, we had to rip out the creeping junipers. After about an hour of clipping them back to see where the root balls were, I threw out my back. But, we went on, it had to be done. After a total of 3 hours, this is what the front flower beds now look like:

We cleared the section on the left along side of the garage and the tip of the flower bed on the right. And that's part of what we pulled up in the bed on the left. Afterward, I came in, got a hot shower and planted myself on the couch for a bit. After sitting there, I decided to try and stretch my back out and laid down on the carpet. This is what I saw from there:

The cathedral ceiling. And as I lay there, I was visited by Miss Moonie:

She felt for my plight, as she decided to lay with me:

Later, as Amy was using the yarn winder, Moonie tried to play with the yarn:

She got run off for her efforts. Anywho, as I was stuck on the couch, I pulled out the sock that I had cast on, and that was all I had done to it, cast it on, I hadn't even joined it. And now, I have the 1" cuff and 22 rows on the leg done. Nothing like a little motivation, huh? So, off to bed I went, with my knitting and my heating pad. Well, Mr. Vinny must feel for me too, because he has joined me in bed:

And, as you can see, my sock is just to the left of him. My loving kitties, there for me in my time of need.

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Sourire11 said...

I hope your back feels better! How nice that your kitties want to keep you company. Pets are great like that.