Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Long Time, No Post

I sorta forgot to post, as I haven't been knitting. Over the weekend I had to urge to read, and of course my choice of reading was one of my favorite "bodice rippers" (trashy or smut books, depending on how you look at it). It was "Love Me Forever" by Johanna Lindsey. I know, it's a corny one, but one that I like to read every so often. Now that I have read it, I'll pass it on to Miss Tammi, I know she'll like this one.

As for knitting, I have made it through to rnd 4 of the pattern on the body of Rogue, then the urge to read hit. Then to top it off, I bought a wireless router so I can use the laptop for the internet, and I started having problems getting that set up. Calling the support line only made it worse, as I got the worst customer service I have ever had. So, I e-mailed the company on Monday night, and just got a response at 1:30 am this morning. I'll try their suggestions, and if they don't work, I may just return it for another brand. I hate paying out good money for something that doesn't work.

Anyway, Happing Knitting!

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