Wednesday, May 31, 2006

From one youngest to another!

Ok, so on Friday I went to see my baby sister graduate from high school. She was a few points off from being the head of her class. Here are a few pics of her.

One of her senior pics.

Mandy and my nephew Graham

Making her speach as Salutatorian

My sister Lisa (second oldest) and her son Graham and Mandy

Annie and Graham

And introducting The Adventures of Bunny and my knitting

As you can see in this last pic, I had someone to keep sock in progress company during most of the event. And that sock would be another Simply Lovely Lace sock, in Knit Picks Pallette in the color Petal. After the graduation, Mandy went on to party with her boyfriend and buddies, and the girls and I went back to my grandparents house to visit. The youngest of my aunts was there, along with my cousin Heather, her husband and their 2 daughters. We stayed for a couple of hours and left for the hour and half drive home around 11 o'clock.

On to the next youngest. I took the day off to enroll my baby girl for kindergarden. I wanted to cry. The last time I did this, I enrolled my oldest, and was pregnant with my youngest. My baby will be going to school this fall. When we got there, her teacher for next year was in the office and offered to take her to see the room. It's such a small community, that there is only 1 kindergarden teacher, there are that few children attending this school. I can tell that I am going to cry my eyes out on the first day!

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Katherine said...

Oh man, I know EXACTLY what you are feeilng, in a same but different kind of way LOL. My oldest is off to middle school next year and I just signed my youngest up for preschool. The two middle boys are in 2nd and 3rd next year. It really does end to quickly doesn't it? Someone told me it will seem like my oldest will be graduating next year and I had better take heed of that eh? They are probably right LOL. I'll be crying right along with you on the first day hon!